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Anywhere Remote Monitoring Project Has Been In Developing !!

Posted on November 23rd, 2009 in EAM Professional Edition, EAM Standard Edition | 9 Comments »

Before releasing EAM Products v4.90, our EAM Develop Team has brought a fully creative idea to all staffs in our company usual meeting, the idea is building a set of web remote monitoring tools affiliated with our flagship — EAM Enterprise Edition.

AnyWhere Monitor allows you to access the monitored activity logs from anywhere at any time via your own personal AnyWhere Monitor Webspace. No more need to remember annoying IP addresses or directly connect to the remote PC by ethernet cable connected – all you have to do is log in our webspace server via any internet browse tools to view logs from any machines you deploy AnyWhere Monitor on. AnyWhere Monitor can log and record just about anything a user does on your computer, and all reports would be more details same with local network server. Coming along with this remote function, EAM Products would be not limited with region issue any more.

Though AnyWhere Monitor is still working in progress, and also we have meet so many problems like compatibility issue, but the whole process is fully as expected, and beta version would be released very soon. Until beta version released, we would send some invited tickets to our VIP customers. Hoping after no long beta testing, final version would be done before Christmas.

Did You Worry About What Your Kids Doing ?

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Being parents, did you worry about your kids? Up to date, computer and internet broadband have become a necessary appliance and taken into common people life. And in such this convenient environment, it is more easy let our kids touch the home computer and access to internet. Coming along with this case, more and more social protecting kids experts have given a warning. Porn contents, violent and bloody scenes etc have been around our curious kids. Kids are always in open mind, and they still can’t identify what are right, what are not.
According above, building a strong shell against these threats and fully let what they are doing under control should be mainly responsibility for our parents. But how? Simple asking lead to many solutions. Some parents choose a forced way which lock away from their kids, and some parents choose a peaceful way which is sitting aside when kids used computer. Even some less parents told their kids computer is a terrible monster which make kids feel scared, not and never dare touch computers. All these methods maybe work for a while, but it is really ridiculous. Though some bad things inside internet, not forgetting still more good things inside as well. Don’t be like a fool who throws whole birthday cake just cause a mistaken word.
Again being wised parents, you should choose a better way to deal with.
IMonitor Software Company has provided a better home solution, why not give a try. No more thinking, free trial and satisfied used buying is really a good chance to know what your kids doing. How can you miss it?
More details, please refer to here

Continued Talking About Cheating Spouse..

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Yesterday I had talked the topic about cheating spouse, still thinking it is not enough, so today this topic would go on.
This day, what I am ready to talk about is the bad effects of cheating spouse, why not say negative, because I think cheating spouse lead to not just opposite or passive results but a big collapsed disaster to family. If the couple has no kids, that is would be less bad, otherwise that would become a long year shadow memory for most kids. It is really unfair for these young hearts, what they have done wrong ?! Definitely nothing. But comparing with adults, for adults, maybe that is just a short unhappy event of lifetime, but these young hearts have to take a long long time,in some cases even the whole life to recover. Taking a real story as example, couple divorced when they found he and she were cheating each other, and for the reason of chasing another new life, nobody want to bring up their kid who was only 5 years old. In the court, I saw the kid crying like a new born baby, nobody cared, nobody noticed, what a miserable poor kid. At the ending of story, the kid was dead in the car accident. Poor little angel, hoping you would be in peace in heaven.

What the hell is bad effects of cheating lead to? I think these would not be cut off no matter how you consider from any kind of views.

  • crush down the trust and reliability of couple
  • hurting your once beloved half who still is loyal to you
  • make you kids being in dark corner in long time

Really terrible, isn’t it. So before any ridiculous and stupid cheating idea flashing into your mind, firstly thinking about your beloved half and kids.

Are You Afraid of Finding He or She Cheating ?

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Today fortunately I have read some so nice and funny articles about husband or wife cheating each other. These two articles really make me feel a lot. Same situation, but leading to two fully different end up story. Since coming into new century, communication between person and person become more and more convenient, easy and fast. In my childhood memory, I remember only fixed home telephone or post would be a communication method among our family, relative and friends. But who can imagine this, just less than 20 years, all innovative and creative ways have come into true and our common life like presently very popular internet instant messages, chatting room, emails, social networks (Facebook, Twitter), all these based on internet fasting growing and others, more widely used, cell phone. However latest technology not only provides better convenient service and push humanity advance, also some negative effects. Taking an all-knowing fact, cheating spouse, as an example, in the past, if he or she is cheating on you, that would be easy to discover by judging his weird behavior or keep a glance on post mail. But at present, all the ways which should work in the past have lost themselves, latest technology helps them escape the tracking.

It is really invisible to track?
NO WAY, Power Keyloggyer is just designed for such case. When Power Keyloggyer is installed on the computer which you have suspected he or she done with, all activities including email, instant message, keystrokes, screenshot, websites visited, searching keywords, file or program downloaded, applications used, would be fully logged in local hard disk, and because Power Keyloggyer running in extremely stealth mode, he or she can’t find any traces or clues being watched. Wanting more details, please feel free to visit our official website.

How to choose employee monitor software ?

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“More than half of office workers use sites like Twitter and Facebook for personal use during the working day, and admit wasting an average of 40 minutes a week each.
One in three of the 1,460 office workers surveyed also said they had seen sensitive company information posted on social networking sites, leading to fears about how workers use the internet.
Philip Wicks, consultant at Morse, the IT services and Technology Company who commissioned the survey, said the true cost to the economy could be substantially higher than the £1.38bn estimate.” Above contents are quoted from

How are you feeling when you finish reading above article? Shocking and stunning, I guess, right? Yes, most people like me thinking maybe this figure a little boosting or being made a big fuss. But even imagining if we reduce this number down a half, still it would let everyone surprised. Until now, understanding what your employees doing in working time and preventing wasting time in advance has become a focus topic since more and more newspaper and TV news have talked about this many times. Now thinking most business company managers have begun to find some ways dealing with this issue. But the point is how? Choosing a suitable and proper software maybe makes most IT department managers confused. Comparing most popular monitor software in the market, it is very hard to decide. Back to today point, if you want monitor software, below suggestions should be considered.
• How big is your business company? That is the first rules you should know. Since every monitor software has a few types of version, like enterprise edition, professional edition and standard edition, only after fully understanding this, you can choose which version of monitor software would be best for you. For example, if your company only has under 100 employees, then professional edition would be best choice.
• Which function of monitor software you focus? All monitor software advertise itself being a full features and every function customer want would be included. Really? Even it is true, still one fact you need consider every monitor software has one or a few strong points, but not all. So second rule is you must know what you really need.
• How about stability and performance? According to your server difference, every monitor software maybe has a big different test result on your sever. However any customer doesn’t want to see server or client computers crushed so often.
• Price, price and price, that is last decidable factor, but it isn’t less important than others. Costing less makes everything work fine and satisfied with your requirement, that is just what you chase. So before making a decision, comparing price a lot would be smart.

Below is recommended popular and successful monitor software in the market, IMonitor EAM Series. I am not the one who boasting his selling, try to use above judgments, you would agree what I said.

Let us Say NO to Bugs !

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Bugs, you can judge that word original means from the dictionary, small insect. But in IT field, bugs is always terrible and annoying for programmers. A software bug is the common term used to describe an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program or system that produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways. Most bugs arise from mistakes and errors made by people in either a program’s source code or its design, and a few are caused by compilers producing incorrect code. A program that contains a large number of bugs, and/or bugs that seriously interfere with its functionality, is said to be buggy. Reports detailing bugs in a program are commonly known as bug reports, fault reports, problem reports, trouble reports, change requests, and so forth.

Recently, our IMonitor EAM developing team is testing our v4.90 beta version. Bugs testing, think that would be a very hard and boring working for most programmers. Now we have tested and corrected this beta for more than a month. During this boring processing, beta version need to be installed and uninstalled again and again, we all can’t remember what hell the number is. Only one thing I know no matter how many I have done or how many I still left, making our new v4.90 much more stable and optimized, that is just all we need. Many customers have emailed us and given our new v4.90 a big expect, so we know we can’t let you down, even one a micro bug that maybe not affect software executing performance, but we also need take good care with that, one more and one more testing, bug fixing. Now we would finally bring our new v4.90 to the front of our customers.
Let us say no to bugs for ever. And more, hope more suggestions and ideas would be very welcome.

Finally Deep Lock Released !

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Long time preparing, long time bug tested and long time optimized it, finally Deep lock comes to the front of customers. For me, Deep Lock mean a lot, though I am not in the developing team, from building Deep Lock official website to the final marketing sales project, I have put all my best effort into, so now feeling like bringing up a babe by my hands. It is really amazing, isn’t it? Specially for me, one staff of online support, I surprised with what I have done when I saw affects have been made in Dreamweaver. From that moment, I know I have fallen in love with website building. A little far from topic, let us come back to the point.
Quick and easy, that would be Deep Lock leading feature. The way to lock and protect your most important documents, pictures, passwords and more inside of impenetrable folders encrypted with powerful 256-bit AES encryption—so you won’t have to worry. Encrypting Files Has Never Been Easier and Faster.
Now our Deep Lock website has already done and uploaded, if customers feel interested with our new software and want to know more, please visited our site :
Welcome to download and report bug to us.
IMonitor Software Computer

New Feature Would Be Added Into EAM Soon !

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Now our IMontior programmer are preparing to add a Leading new feature into our flagship EAM Products. What is that? Why I say that is leading feature? Most time, EAM Product project team always put customers needs and suggestions in their mind, like our company goal, worry about what customers worry, thinking about what customer needs, providing satisfied technical support for customers. From ‘ nobody’ company to now well known, we all have done everything for this goal. Thanks god, now we have made it. But also we need make things much better in further.

Come back the point, the new feature of EAM Product would be customer back-stage monitor. What is that back-stage means? With this feature, customers can login in our official website and manger all information including all kind of logs, screenshots EAM Products has sent to our IMonitor server. In customers back-stage, customers can get all details report just like your local server reports. By using that remote function, no matter where and when, it is very easy to get all the reports, what you just need to do is login in our official website. Also for security reason, back-stage provides very strong password and id management, that means only customers themselves can see and change the personal information on server, others can’t, even our administrators can’t see customers profiles as well.

Currently this project is being developed, soon it would be released with our next new EAM new version. Please check it our until then and report bugs to us.

Deep Lock Coming Soon !!

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Do you always worry about your personal informations which is very important to you and never want to someone else to see? And how can you safeguard your privacy, store these in deep subfolder or set them hidden attibute? NO, all that you have done, definitely not enough for safe your sensitive files. You should take more care for that. Now IMonitor Security Company has provided a best way for you.

Deep Lock is a new member of IMonitor Security Products which is a fast file encryption software that can password protect folders, encrypt or lock files. Deep Lock supports all currently popular OS like Windows 7.0, Vista, XP and 2000.

Quick and easy, that would be Deep Lock leading feature. The way to lock and protect your most important documents, pictures, passwords and more inside of impenetrable folders encrypted with powerful 256-bit AES encryption—so you won’t have to worry. Encrypting Files Has Never Been Easier and Faster.
Also Deep Lock support multiple accounst in one computer. You can create as many Lockers as you want. Different users can create different Lockers with different passwords as well. Each user has personal setting with Deep Lock.

If you have tried or used some software before, you should give Deep Lock a try. It definetly let you have a brand new and shocked experience.

Related official website would be updated soon.

Making Our Official Website More functional and Friendly !!

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Early this year, our online support team had received many complaints about our official website, like why I can not find…? Could your website show customers some online demo with that, we can be more clear to understand what is the key feature of EAM Products? etc. At here, we are really thankful for you all. Also we have put all you said in our mind, now we are ready to make our official website more functional and friendly!

Adjusting official website would add more new function, for example, ROI Calculator, User database ( this would be a lot of help for our coming project, sorry for now, we can’t say much about this) and new easy-viewed information about our latest news and products.

ROI Calculator, that is would help customers much easier to understand what benefits our EAM Products will give customers. If Customers want to know our EAM Products in specific numbers, ROI Calculator would be a nice online tool to do that. Please must try that!!

User database, that would be more convenient for us to contact with our customers. With that, customers can received our latest products news and promotion events. So no need visit our website, customers just check daily emails and would know our latest news.

Please until then experience our new official website.