Before releasing EAM Products v4.90, our EAM Develop Team has brought a fully creative idea to all staffs in our company usual meeting, the idea is building a set of web remote monitoring tools affiliated with our flagship — EAM Enterprise Edition.

AnyWhere Monitor allows you to access the monitored activity logs from anywhere at any time via your own personal AnyWhere Monitor Webspace. No more need to remember annoying IP addresses or directly connect to the remote PC by ethernet cable connected – all you have to do is log in our webspace server via any internet browse tools to view logs from any machines you deploy AnyWhere Monitor on. AnyWhere Monitor can log and record just about anything a user does on your computer, and all reports would be more details same with local network server. Coming along with this remote function, EAM Products would be not limited with region issue any more.

Though AnyWhere Monitor is still working in progress, and also we have meet so many problems like compatibility issue, but the whole process is fully as expected, and beta version would be released very soon. Until beta version released, we would send some invited tickets to our VIP customers. Hoping after no long beta testing, final version would be done before Christmas.