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How to Achieve Multi-desktop Remote Real-time Monitoring

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Nowadays, many educational institutions or schools have computer rooms for learning programming courses or other courses. The number of people in a course is basically between 20 and 40. The teacher needs to send commands to the students’ computers or monitor the activities during the lecture. At this time, the console computer used by teacher needs to have remote monitoring software, which can not only send massages, but also remotely view or control students’ computers.

screen monitoring software

iMonitor remote tools can remotely view all the desktops of agent computers, and can adjust the screen size according to your needs. Of course, it also supports to check the target computer, when a student get a question, the console computer can remotely control it and do demonstrations, even to check classwork. If you need to upload the file of the agent computer to console one, or send files to agent one, file explorer can help with that.

For remotely control, iMonitor can not only control the mouse and keyboard of target computer, but also can restart, shut down, log off, lock/unlock screen, and send files. When teachers need students to do a certain task, it can send message or command to agent computers directly, such as assign class work. Generally speaking, the school does not allow students to operate the computer at will to prevent damage to the equipment, therefore, some activities need to be performed directly from the console computer.

When you are monitoring multiple desktops in real time, if you find that some students are not studying carefully according to the rules, but are browsing the web or other applications, from the real-time processed function can view the process, active connections and applications of agent computer, from end process function can select the target processes and end them.

It is worth mentioning that, you can check the information of the agent computer system through iMonitor. It records services, system information, IP address and shares. Equipment like school’s computers that used by multiple people, requires regular inspection and maintenance. According to these functions, it can clearly see which computers need to be repaired.

iMonitor remote real-time computer monitoring software is suitable for all kinds of schools or educational institutions, helping teachers to centrally manage students, making classroom learning more efficient, and save teachers lots of tedious work. It has been adopted by many people, please try it and you will find how powerful the software is.

The Secret Weapon of Finance Enterprise Security

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Financial companies are one of the enterprises facing the most threats and security risks. More than half of the financial industry will be in bankruptcy due to information security issues. The leakage of important information makes them unable to survive the competition. Have you ever wondered why some companies never have information leakage problems?


After investigation, the confidential information was maliciously transmitted by employees or stolen by competitors, which caused the company to be threatened. However, some enterprise do not need to be frightened about this, knowing from their introduction that iMonitor employee activity monitoring software is their secret weapon. So, what powerful functions does it have?


From the employee’s point of view, their computers are legally monitored during working hours. The agent program will work in totally stealth mode, no pop-up window, no item in add/remove programs, no item in Windows start-up menu, no any notifications, no icon in the task-bar and desktop and can not be ended by the user. Due to agent property setting, employee computers will not be able to download applications outside the rules or access prohibited websites, even impossible to copy files to other devices outside the allowed list.

When employees need to send documents, they need to apply to the admin terminal first, otherwise they will not be able to send documents to other computers. Even if an employee attempts to divulge important documents or information, what he sends out will be encrypted document, and the computers without iMonitor computer monitoring software installed will not be able to view normally. In this way, no matter what kind of employee will greatly improve the efficiency of work.

For the manager’s point of view, the console program will record all the activities of agent computers, even to control remotely. The computer logs includes screenshots playback, keylogger, history of application, email, website, chat, etc. Choose an agent that you need to view, then click the corresponding function, the operation is easy. Regarding the method of deploying rules on the agent, you can set it from the agent property setting.

As for the illegal operation of the agent, an alarm record will be generated on the console computer, prompting in the form of a pop-up window and a bell. Similarly, iMonitor has a keyword detection function. When the keyword you add appears on the agent computer, the console program will also generate an alert. iMonitor can record the file transfer, and is in detail. If an employee deletes some important files maliciously or unintentionally, do not worry, the automatic file backup function will retrieve the lost files for you.

iMonitor employee monitoring software has deployed in many enterprises, don’t you want to have such a secret weapon to win?

The Significance of Deploying Monitoring Software

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The development of electronic technology brings not only fast and efficient work to enterprises, but also huge safety risks. In the information age, a large amount of information is spread on the Internet. Paper documents are no longer popular, and electronic documents have replaced them. As the same time, after statistics, most of company are not aware of the potential risks.

employee management

For large enterprises, hundreds of employees are not easy to manage. It cannot be known exactly what each employee does on the computer every day. In this case, iMonitor employee activity monitoring software supports the method to manage staff.

First of all, please do not think that monitoring employees is bad behavior, it’s something that companies should do. Because, a normal employee does not care whether he is monitored, and iMonitor does not monitor personal privacy. Only when a staff is not working during the work hours can he resist.

Secondly, if you are a large enterprise with hundreds of employees, then monitoring one by one is too time-consuming. iMonitor can statistically analyze the work efficiency of employees.graphical HTML reports allow you to quickly analyze the work efficiency and attitude of each employee. Including the total running time of the computer, idle time, power on and off time, chatting time, and the using time of applications. Various indicators will show you the enthusiasm of employees for work and their ability to work. Identify typical employees by comparing one or more parameters.

Meanwhile, all-round monitoring makes you worry-free. iMonitor can record almost all computer operations, such as screenshot, keylogger, clipboards, file, applications, etc. If the employee is on a business trip or the monitored computer is offline due to other reasons, the agent program will still under monitoring and the deployed rules will still take effect. If needed, it also supports multi-screen real-time remote employee monitoring.

Finally, iMonitor is running in silent mode, with no menu and no pop-up window, will not affect the normal work of employees. In addition, the monitoring data of the computer does not go through a third party, it is all stored in your server, which is very safety. Therefore, I sincerely welcome you to try iMonitor employees activity monitoring software at any time.

How to Keep Teenagers in a Healthy Online Environment

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With the development of network technology, teenagers use computers more frequently than before. Whether it is chatting, gaming or learning, except for school and outing time, most of their time is devoted to computer. Therefore, have you ever worried whether your children is using computer reasonably?


According to the statistic, 70% of teenagers are violated by the Internet every day. Such as spam ads, adverse website, etc. Similarly, too much investment in online games is also a kind of damage to the teenagers’ bodies. Therefore, how should parents protect the physical and mental health of young people?

iMonitor computer monitoring software is your best helper, no matter when and where, you can check the target computer in case of improper use. It is divided into Console and Agent, console is used to monitor, agent is the monitored one. When the agent program is running, the software has no menus and pop-up windows, which does not affect the normal use of the computer totally. Also, it is fully functional and easy to operate.

For all activities, it could be recorded on your server. From system logs, you can view the screenshots, keylogger, application history, etc. If you need to supervise accurately, keyword filter setting can help you to add the word that you hope to be alerted, therefore, when a keyword appears on the desktop of the agent computer, the console will trigger an alarm, prompting it with a pop-up window and sound. Meanwhile, it can be set to perform corresponding operations when alarm is triggered, such as capture screenshot or end the program.

For browsing the website, iMontior supports the website filter setting to prevent them from accessing the specified website, even the time limit, to avoid teenagers from being induced to make mistakes by adverse information and prevent computer viruses form invading. Moreover, as a student, when they need to learn online courses, it supports the application filter setting, can add the software that do not want teenagers to use, such like some game applications or any entertainment, to make they concentrate on their courses, also can set the time limit as protection.

Many adolescents have difficulty restraining their thoughts, or some have immature mental development. However, there are traps everywhere on the Internet, and you have no way of knowing what kind of network environment teenagers are in. iMonitor can be your third eye, help to provide them with an excellent entertainment environment, strive for the healthy development of young people’s body and mind.