With the development of network technology, teenagers use computers more frequently than before. Whether it is chatting, gaming or learning, except for school and outing time, most of their time is devoted to computer. Therefore, have you ever worried whether your children is using computer reasonably?


According to the statistic, 70% of teenagers are violated by the Internet every day. Such as spam ads, adverse website, etc. Similarly, too much investment in online games is also a kind of damage to the teenagers’ bodies. Therefore, how should parents protect the physical and mental health of young people?

iMonitor computer monitoring software is your best helper, no matter when and where, you can check the target computer in case of improper use. It is divided into Console and Agent, console is used to monitor, agent is the monitored one. When the agent program is running, the software has no menus and pop-up windows, which does not affect the normal use of the computer totally. Also, it is fully functional and easy to operate.

For all activities, it could be recorded on your server. From system logs, you can view the screenshots, keylogger, application history, etc. If you need to supervise accurately, keyword filter setting can help you to add the word that you hope to be alerted, therefore, when a keyword appears on the desktop of the agent computer, the console will trigger an alarm, prompting it with a pop-up window and sound. Meanwhile, it can be set to perform corresponding operations when alarm is triggered, such as capture screenshot or end the program.

For browsing the website, iMontior supports the website filter setting to prevent them from accessing the specified website, even the time limit, to avoid teenagers from being induced to make mistakes by adverse information and prevent computer viruses form invading. Moreover, as a student, when they need to learn online courses, it supports the application filter setting, can add the software that do not want teenagers to use, such like some game applications or any entertainment, to make they concentrate on their courses, also can set the time limit as protection.

Many adolescents have difficulty restraining their thoughts, or some have immature mental development. However, there are traps everywhere on the Internet, and you have no way of knowing what kind of network environment teenagers are in. iMonitor can be your third eye, help to provide them with an excellent entertainment environment, strive for the healthy development of young people’s body and mind.