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Internet misuse at work can generate dismissal

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images (4)Ordinary activities in the domestic Internet may be prohibited in the workplace. Who violates the rules is subject to discipline and even dismissal!
The working environment should always be harmonious. After all, with rare exceptions, that’s where people spend at least a third of the day. There are those who have more contact with peers than with their own family.
Send “scraps” (scraps) to friends in “Orkut”, watch videos on “YouTube” (video site), use email to resolve personal problems, exchange information chat in “Live Messenger” (MSN).
Watch out! Workplace is not virtual “Chat”!
Disobedience to the “information security” company policy may end up in warning and dismissal. In the end, the owner of the computer and network access are the boss, who can even read what you write in webmail.
Seems like overkill, but it is not! Companies have the right to monitor the use of PCs, blocking access to websites considered dangerous and determine how the tools can be used.
The boundary between private and corporate network use is controversial, but simple tips can protect employee and employer abuses.
The punishment may be imposed only if there are clear rules.
The best way to protect all parties is to have a transparent and well-publicized policy.
Standards should say what can be done and what is forbidden .Pois to some interpreters: “What is not forbidden, it is permitted.”

Why you should monitor

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images (3)Everything employee does on work time – and on company resources. Time spent on frivolous websites can seriously hamper productivity , and visiting questionable websites on PCs now can subject your business to serious legal risks including expensive processes harassment of employees who may be exposed to offensive content.

Other consequences can be far worse than mere loss of productivity or a little legal hot water. Either unintentionally or maliciously, employees may disclose confidential information, compromising business strategy, client confidentiality, data integrity and more.

And of course, the Web activity without control can expose your network and systems to dangers from malware and other intrusions. Even something as simple as the failure of an employee to keep up with Windows patches can be a threat to your business , so do not think of monitoring as merely snooping.

What are the advantages of using the iMonitor EAM?

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images1Productivity within the company
. With unmanaged access, employees may be distracted by activities that are not work-related, or unproductive
to minimize waste of time in these activities and reduce operating costs, companies now have the option of monitoring their employees.
Personal use of the internet can expose organizations to legal liability even if the employees are participating in illegal or inappropriate activities.
With the program installed, it increases employee productivity, reduces the risk of liability Legal arising from employee activity and optimizes the use of IT resources.

It is also normal and correct for parents to watch their children  because all kinds of things that dirty our physical world also propagates the virtual world. The internet provides many good things, but there are also risks, such as illegal content, adult entertainment and even those who are waiting for an opportunity to attack. We respect the space, but above all we must give our children the safety and good education.

Companies should monitor the network

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ggggThe daughter of a colleague, a journalism intern at mining group in Minas Gerais, was to “the street” to share and comment on social networks disparaging facts about the employer during working hours. A similar case occurred in early February when two interns were dismissed by direction of the Senate after criticizing the President of the House, Senator Renan (PMDB-AL), a social network on the internet. I feel sorry for sacked, but earned it, because with the popularity of social networks and media and their impact on the construction and deconstruction of reputations, companies have every right to monitor everything their employees do on their work computer.

For those who work all day in front of the computer , to know they are monitored is not pleasant, but the argument of the companies is that if the tool is for work.  It is unacceptable that an employee be aimlessly browsing the internet during working hours and worst pass this time criticizing the company that pays your salary in the media and social networks.

Such tracking is understandable and more than fair, even more than the Civil Code says the employer be responsible for what their employees do when they use company owed connections and equipment. That means, if someone promotes pedophilia by means of workplace computer, the company may be liable in court for what happened. Imagine the impact that the company’s reputation, there is no money to pay the loss.

The city attorney, Diego Gaigher, a scholar of the applicability of the laws in the virtual world, says that trying to monitor the social networking trend is gradually strengthening. Currently, it is common for companies, even in the time of contracting, research the profile of the candidate on social networks. The reason is none other than the display of the personality profile of a cyber social space that reproduces faithfully the personality traits of the holder. And what he said has legal support.

Monitoring Pc – Find out if being Betrayed

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Monitoring pc – See how simple it is to monitor all the activities done on your computer from websites accessed until full monitoring of Facebook. This tactic is very useful for husbands / wives, parents, or business owners, where you can monitor, quite effectively, whatever the partner (a), the children, or employees are doing on the computer.

There are several excellent programs on the market for monitoring networks and computers, the choice of program will depend on several factors. In this article, we will use iMonitor EAM.

The program “iMonitor EAM”  offers many  posibilities, they are:

1. Monitoring of Facebook : you can monitor chats, profiles of users who have accessed the machine, the Facebook photos of the screens;

2. Keystrokes : the pc monitoring program , will monitor all keys that were pressed,  and in any field that they were being typed;

3. sites accessed : the pc monitoring will also check all the sites that were accessed, giving far superior results than your browser history;

4. Screen capture:  The program takes in 5 Minutes a photo of the computer screen, thus giving a real idea of what the person is doing with the computer, this time can be changed.

5. Online Surveys : The monitoring program also monitors all the research being done on internet sites, this is good, for example, to know what a teen is interested, it is getting involved in something he should not.

6. Alerts keywords : this is a super powerful function of the monitoring program pc (Net Spy Pro), which sends an alert in your email every time a particular keyword is typed, no matter what program or site this was typed, which indicates whether a person has any inappropriate behavior.

IMonitor Phone Spy user testimonials

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Mobile phoneI saved my son from joining the wrong group
“I do not want my son were walking into bad crowd, and IMonitor Phone Spy proved to be really useful for this purpose. Installed the application on the phone with my son and I could know who socialized as I tracked each and every incoming or outgoing calls , text messages and even instant messaging conversations, IMonitor Phone Spy helped me keep my child away from the wrong people. ”

I know everything and I keep quiet
“Without a doubt IMonitor Phone Spy is indeed a fabulous product to use. Works totally undetectable mode records every piece of activity in the cell phone, and is very easy to use! Use IMonitor Phone Spy on the cell phone of my employees I have been helped to have a complete record of what they do. their calls, text messages and email, and even chat histories I know everything and I keep quiet because they can no longer distribute any information through their cell phones. “