Nowadays in the competitive market it is essential to get a clear picture of what happens in your company. If you can monitor
your employees, then you will easily get this kind of information. The more precise you get this information, the more better you can improve your business.

However, you cannot precisely know which employee perform well, which one play online games or just chat with his friends. You can find the right answers if you could know how to monitor employees. In addition, you can also get plenty of other useful information.

Picture the scene: One of your employees is loyal to the company and work with his full potentials out, whereas another one chats with her friends, email them from time to time, and even play games online in your office. You cannot tell their difference by a simple glance.

What’s worse, the hard-working  employee may feel disappointed at you and then choose to leave. In that case, only the low perfomer remains in your company. It’s a nightmare, so take measures to avoid it. All you need to do is to choose a good  software program.

You have the right to know the exact performance of every employee. Good employee monitoring software can help you get the right information. The monitoring software can record everything permanently. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the following case:  some employees find out that they are being monitored and then take measures to clean their records.

Actually, nowadays more than 2/3 of companies are monitoring what their employees are doing. However, many employees don’t the existence of the monitoring software.

No regulations clearly states that employees’ computers cannot be monitored by their company. The computers belong to your company, so you have the legal right to set up a monitoring software on them to check whether your employees break the company rules or not.