Nowadays, the topic of internet usage of employee has aroused more and more people’s concerns. The Supervisors in charge of Human Resource are paying their concerns more on accounting their employees’ performance during their working time. A Keystroke recorder software new instrument called “keystroke recorder” software  has been created by the resource departments in the while country, which can be used in the working time.

The function of Employee Monitoring Software

This excellent employee monitoring software or we can say Keystroke recorder software in another word, is a sort of software which can trace the keystroke made by the employees left on the keyboard. In this way, all the usages on the internet can be traced the activities including logging in Facebook or Myspace, checking private emails, hunting for a new job even planning a journey and so on. Even the Supervisor can know which sites are most popular among the employee by providing the online games such as Tetris, Pac Man and so on.

If you can get the information about the websites your employees often use, it’s easy and convenient for you to know their thoughts and behaviors. This monitoring software can help to know the employee’s views’ toward their workplace and their plans. In this point, this software is convenient for the monitoring but also good for the development of a corporation.

What you can see about your employees by using monitoring software?

We can deny that this Keystroke recorder software is priceless and quite useful to monitor the employee’s internet behaviors. With the help of a little tool called screen shot in this software, all the things can be known by you including the content of the employee’s chatting, the pictures they have shown, and even the order of the websites they have browsed. All the behaviors of the employees can be recorded and become the proofs when you are going to figure out their performances. Also these websites found by screen shot can provide you some information which attaches to the employee’s computer and help you to figure out whether it’s spyware or not.