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How to Manage Your Employee through a Software

Posted on September 27th, 2021 in Employee Monitoring | Comments Off on How to Manage Your Employee through a Software

As a business owner, have you ever wondered whether employees are working seriously when you cannot see them? Do they take up work time for entertainment? I believe that this situation will appear in every enterprise. Such enterprises need a right-hand man to assist. iMonitor employee activity monitoring software is definitely a trusted partner, which can record all the activities of computers, helps you manage your Employees with a computer.


With your curiosity, iMonitor EAM PC monitoring software will help count and analyze the work status and efficiency of your employees, so that you can save a lot of manpower and material resources in management. It monitors all activities of agent computer, so as to prevent employees from chatting, playing and doing non-work related things during work day, which greatly reducing work efficiency. It also counts the work, idle, online and chat time. The number of keyboard strokes and data, allowing you to know the status of employees. At the same time, the APP and website block filter setting can help prohibit employees from using or accessing specified software and website during a specified period.


If you need to directly know what activities have been performed on the employee’s desktop, screenshots can provide the information. The administrator can set the screenshot interval and image quality. By selecting time period, the entire screen or a single application screenshots which you can add, edit or delete, can be displayed in a slide-show. Also the playback speed can be set so that the process is like a movie.

iMonitor can not only monitor employee computer activity, but also remotely control the agent computer. Including real-time desktop and camera, the picture quality and speed can be adjusted. Can remotely control the keyboard and mouse of the agent computer. The administrator can send files, instant messages or commands from the monitor computer to the agent computer, such as shutting down, logging off, restarting, controlling screen savers, DOS commands, etc. It also supports management of files on all agent computers, including copying, pasting, cutting, deleting, renaming, etc.

Meanwhile, three levels of accounts(Admin, Standard, Limit) help you better allocate management tasks. Admin account is automatically created after installed, has all operation permissions and can monitor all agent computer, create two other types of accounts and assign the agent computer. Standard account with full permissions to client computers assigned to it by the Admin. Limit account with the authority of monitoring and viewing to the assigned computers, can not control the assigned agent computer, such as remote control, modification of settings, etc. With these three permissions, it is more convenient for you to manage your department.


iMonitor EAM can help you to monitor employees through your computer that you do not need to waste your time to censor the company. Whether it’s monitoring the work efficiency of employees, or issuing commands to their computers, iMonitor greatly reduces the cumbersomeness of your work to let you focus on your own affairs. Many enterprise have chosen iMonitor employee monitoring software, and you can become one of them.

How to Work Efficiently During the COVID-19 Epidemic?

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In 2019, COVID-19 came out, and continues to now. It prevented people from going out, therefore, many companies require employees to work from home. Until now, some countries restored, some countries are sill severely affected.


The enterprises who in these countries try to find a method to improve the work efficiency. The reason is that the efficiency of employees working from home is always lower. Now, iMonitorsoft employee activity monitoring software can help you to solve this issue.

iMonitor 365


iMonitor 365 is an easy-to-use remote work monitoring software that provide total computer monitoring solution to home user of small or medium enterprises. It can record employees’ computer activities. Whatever employee’s work is, as long as he/she is using computer, the activity will be recorded, such as keystrokes, clipboard activities, screen shots, file document, chatting software and etc.

iMonitor 365 will not require customer to purchase other 3rd party database any more. Just need to login the web console to monitor your employees at ant time and any place.

iMonitor EAM


When confronting a situation of investigating an employee’s wrongdoing, iMonitor EAM can help you act in time with a discrete investigations. It count the employee’s work, idle, online and chat time, the number of keylogger and other data. The entertainment and non-work-related programs will not only result in serious productivity loss, but also will waste bandwidth. iMonitor EAM can add filters to block applications and website during specific time.

If an employee wants to steal confidential information before he/she quite, iMonitor EAM can automatically backing up all files in employee’s workstation to ensure the data security. For confidential files, it able to set the rules to encrypt it and completely eliminate the risk of data breaches.

With the help of iMonitor 365 and EAM, even during this difficult period, the enterprises will thrive on organization.

How to make your employees more focus on their work?

Posted on September 10th, 2021 in Employee Monitoring | Comments Off on How to make your employees more focus on their work?

It’s an interview of a company:

“As an employees, most of the time I work, I’d like to be lazy when my boss or leader is not in office. Usually, I leave my work until the deadline, and during this period, I can use my PC to play games, listen music, watch movies or chat with my friends. I can even take a nap! Just need to show my leader before he comes back that I’m very busy. Do less work, earn more money. What a comfortable job!”

“When I doing my job, I noticed that some of my colleagues seems very leisurely. They can do what they want. I can not understand that’s why, we have same work and same salary, but they work less efficiently. My boss always says that we work the same hard. Even though, they have same treatment as me. It’s not fair.”

“Honestly, I know some employees of my company are not do what they suppose to do. Every time I have suspicious one, I can not find evidence. I want to manage the company more effectively, but what can I do…”


The survey suggests that most of corporation has same problem. Therefore, I recommend companies to use iMonitor employee activity monitoring software.


APP and Website Filter
iMonitor supports block application installation, which can avoid using game program or downloading the entertainment applications. Or set a white list to let the selected program run.

Screenshots Playback
iMonitor records all actions. All operations are recorded in the form of screenshots. Can view the users of your choice at any time.

iMonitor records all text typed by the keyboard, including search history, chat history, usage time and corresponding software. iMonitor can also records the number of keystrokes in all day, it clearly reflects the working status of employees.

Application history
iMonitor records all application software, time, and screenshots. If employees use software should not be used, it can be clearly presented.

View computer logs
iMonitor supports all agents’ log records, it can be observed through log statistics that whether your employees are working efficiently. Through comparison, it can clearly see the work efficiency of each employee, to help you find the employees worthy of appreciation and promotion.

“iMonitor helps me make my company better, for the worker I criticized or fired those employees who didn’t work hard. Let my good employees not be let down and work more efficiently. It is convenient and fast, a good accompany I can trust.”

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How to deal with information security threats brought by partners?

Posted on August 25th, 2021 in Employee Monitoring | Comments Off on How to deal with information security threats brought by partners?

With the rapid economic development, many industries operate with their own suppliers, service providers and business partners. The sharing of part of the information has become a necessary condition for cooperation. This process also means that some important information of both parties must be open to each other.


Then, a new problem also arises, how to prevent confidential information from being leaked by partners? iMonitorsoft employee activity monitoring software provides several countermeasures.

USB storage device control

file security

Disable removable storage device, or set it to read-only. Only storage devices designated by the company can be used.

File transfer management

iMonitor supports recording and blocking file transfers on employees’ computers.Employees are prohibited from sending files through chat software, especially personal version chat software.Outgoing documents must be approved by the company.

Document Encryption


Internal normal and external garbled:The encrypted files can be used normally on all computers in the company with EAM client with encryption enabled. But on the computer without EAM installed or encryption disabled,there will show messy code.

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How to improve employee work efficiency?

Posted on May 19th, 2021 in Employee Monitoring | Comments Off on How to improve employee work efficiency?

How to improve employee work efficiency? According to the survey, most employees process their private affairs during work time. Watching videos, chatting, online shopping, etc.
Firstly, when employees watch videos, it will inevitably greatly affect their work efficiency; meantime it will take up a lot of bandwidth and affect the network speed of the entire enterprise. Although many companies are trying to impose restrictions on this kind of behavioral, but effects are not obvious. This makes employees have the fluke mind. It’s a headache for all company management.

Therefore, although many companies clearly stipulate that they should not engage in non-work-related behaviors during work, they are often in vain and lack effective supervision and enforcement of employees’ uncontrolled online behavior.
Improving employee work efficiency and improving the company’s network environment are major issues faced by every enterprise. How to improve the staff’s office efficiency? Let’s first take a look at what employees are doing when they are online.
They play video games, shopping online, visit prohibited sites or applications, Copy and send company files to the competitor


How to improve the staff’s office efficiency? Let’s see what iMonitorSoft can do:
After the agent deployed, the manager can observe all the employee computers activity through the EAM console, and watching their every move.

With iMonitorSoft user activity monitoring software, we can block the website and application, get the website history, Chat conversation monitoring, email monitoring, USB device management. That will help us improve the company work efficiency.
The overall goal of iMonitorSoft is to prevent employees from leaking secrets through the network in various ways, and to achieve management and monitoring goals.
Without authorization, it is not allowed to distribute documents in various ways, not to use the Internet to do things that should not be done, and to be able to record the content of network transactions.

Do you trust your employee?

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Do you trust your employee? I think most Boss will say no.

Employee come from different places and have different background. Some of them are in a position of trust within the enterprise, however, the access to some or all of the company’s sensitive network assets is cause for concern. Consequently, these individuals are in what may be defined as “high-risk” positions. So it’s hard for the boss to manage this kind of person. The individuals in these high-risk positions are necessarily entrusted with access to valuable network assets – and most of these individuals perform their regular duties with loyalty and dedication to the company, but some may leak the data to other company.


Therefore, it’s very important for the boss to install employee screen monitoring software on those supervisor’s computer, such as iMonitor EAM. After the installation, you can check all the computer’s activities at any time, which including the screenshot,keystrokes, live desktop, website visited, application usage and so on. And the agent works in totally stealth mode, so no one will find it.


With the logs and reports, you can find out who loyalty to company easily. Why not have a try?

The Benefits of Computer Monitoring Software

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Technological advances have made computers an important part of every workplace. Many companies store valuable data on computer systems, databases and networks, and most workplace communication is done using computers and networks. Although computers allow businesses to streamline processes, distribute information quickly and stay competitive, it also allows the potential for security issues that can ultimately affect business operations and integrity. So a computer monitoring software is a neccessary for the computer, Below are some advantages of using computer monitoring software.

Monitoring employees gives you the opportunity to watch for mistakes and errors throughout the workday. When you see an employee make an error, you may immediately confront the employee about it or bring it up during the employee’s performance review. You may use evidence gathered by the monitoring software to help an employee cut down on his mistakes in the future by pointing out ways he can improve. To keep a strong employee relationship in the workplace, write down the mistakes employees commit so that you can revisit them later. Immediately jumping on an employee about an error may cause employees to become fearful about making mistakes, leading to slow production and discord between employees and management.

Employees want you to acknowledge their strengths, and a monitoring software enables you to do so throughout each day. A monitoring software provides you with detailed snapshots of how an employee is going above and beyond the call of duty. Acknowledging employee excellence captured by the monitoring software also lessens trust issues employees may have with being monitored. If your employees understand that the monitoring software isn’t being used solely to point out weaknesses, they may become more accepting of being monitored.

Data Security
Because most data is stored on computers and almost all communication is done on an organization’s computer network, the security of the data is crucial for the success of an organization. Monitoring workplace computers can be done using a variety of software products that monitor computer networks. This software can also be used to monitor or track employee activity and productivity as well. This ensures data is secure by using the software to block certain websites, alert information technology staff of potential threats, such as computer viruses, as well as monitor computer and Internet usage by employees.

Violation of Policies
Dishonest employees, as well as employees who believe the rules don’t apply to them, may break company rules when management isn’t around. By constantly monitoring employees, you might catch those who willingly violate company policy and immediately employ disciplinary action.

Monitoring the ways in which an employee spends his time at work helps you understand how to increase production. Employees who use company time for personal time cause the company to suffer. For example, if you monitor an employee’s Internet usage and find he’s spending a large portion of his day online, you can confront him and explain he needs to spend more time working.

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The best protection for Start-up companies

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We have a software workshop with 20 computers. We are developing a great software. I know many competitors are also studying the same thing. They are trying to dig up our excellent IT program engineers and hope to get important technical files,  so that they can launch products before us. Seize the market.

You have worked hard, you don’t want your own results to be stolen by competitors. So I bought this software, iMonitor EAM Professional Encrypted version, this is great, like a silent guard, prohibiting anyone from taking the company’s technical information with any means.

We have computers used by 20 IT engineers. In the process of developing software, any technical related information is not allowed to be taken away. I can use it to set up encryption of confidential documents, protect the company’s technical files from being taken away, and some top secret documents will not be obtained by ordinary employees. This is a shield that protects us.

We prohibit the use of pen drive in the company, prohibiting employees from copying the data with a USB flash drive. We also blocked email attachment uploads, and all types of cloud storage sites cannot be used here. Specific data can only be opened with our company computer.

iMonitor EAM is a very important protection for us.

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How to Shape a Smooth Monitoring Procedure

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computer monitoring software

With the development of electronic technology, computers are not novel anymore for working and communication, even, they have been indispensable parts in people’s daily life. We have every reason to believe that we will not work well or efficiently without the convenient usages of computers. A research shows that the popularity of computer users amounts to 93% in the total world population in 2013.

The more convenient computers become, the more difficult the process is for people to know others’ activities. Let alone limiting and controlling. For managers, however, more strict requirements are supposed to have for computer monitoring to run an enterprise with high efficiency. But how to monitor a computer properly, how to definite a computer monitoring behavior?

To meet mangers’ need, a variety of computer monitoring software are developed. It is believed  3 main requirements a good computer monitoring software are supposed to be equipped. And the design of a computer monitoring software need to answer 3 questions. The first one is how to install a computer monitoring software stealthily, in that case,the computer user will never know he or she is under monitoring and not able to enable the motion of the software or just stop it. The second one is how to know a computer monitoring software is more reliable and excellent with comprehensive functions, namely, if the computer monitoring software is powerful to achieve every reasonable expectation of a manager with various function and feedback? The last one is if it has the capability to monitor an employee’s computer activities in stealthy mood without be observed in a long term, to it, a steady function has to be necessary, and under a very condition, some computer behaviors of an employee can be canceled and limited, even some alert will be send to let a manager know what has happened when a potential activity harmful to a company is done.

In addition, a computer monitoring software should pose the basic and essential element, which every good software has, that are easiness in installation, convenience in usage, reasonable price on sale. Once choosing a computer monitoring software with high quality, one need to know exactly of it by simply testing its basic design and contentiously handle its functions.

The above 3 questions may help when choose a PC monitor software, while the last basic requirement may show you how to choose a software.


How to monitor skype chat conversation?

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In most companies, most of the employees communicate with customers through Skype. Skype has become an important tool for us to communicate with customers, which is a great benefit to an enterprise. However, some employees talk about their personal matters through Skype during working time, more serious thing is that they leak some important information through Skype. in order to regulate and manage employees, the companies need a monitoring software.


iMonitor EAM can record the details of Skype conversation and the records will be uploaded and saved on administrator’s computer, which can allow the manager to monitor employees Skype content. And all the activities will be recorded even the employees deleted the records, with this way, iMointor EAM can fully protect the integrity of monitored logs.


iMonitor EAM is the most widely used on the market a screen recording software. The use of screen recording software, the staff can clearly view the chat history, and the prestige of the screen video is stored in the management of the computer to facilitate managers at any time to see the employee’s screen usage, many companies through the use of iMonitor EAM to help companies prevent leaks, and won the leaked lawsuit.


Except the chat conversation, iMonitor EAM can also monitor the file transfer, and backup the files in real time, this can help you to prevent the data loss.


iMonitor EAM also support to preset the Skype keyword and real time alerts, you can setup the important words. When detect preset keywords in keystrokes, clipboard, file name, print job name, website URL, website title, etc., it will take a screenshot as a proof or end the processing if one of the keywords is detected in the content. You will get an alert notification automatically. You can view the keyword and alerts logs from iMonitor EAM console panel. The manager will be easily to find out the problems.


iMonitor EAM is a professional computer monitoring software, computer screen monitoring but also to the user online behavior management and a series of functions.


Advantages: all computer operations can be recorded, it also has a powerful remote control function. The setup is very flexible and deployment is very simple. Support directly or remotely install on target computer. iMonitor EAM is very suitable for big enterprise.


With iMonitor EAM, an enterprise will know what employees are talking to work, they will also know more in detail whether the company leaked, which protect company information security.