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Technical Advantages of Monitoring Software

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In the information age, programmers use lines of code to fill our lives with artificial intelligence, and people are trying to control everything with software. Computers play an irreplaceable role in all aspects of business operations, management, and production. They also store various important data. Designer’s artistic creation, programmers tens of thousands of lines of logic code, company accounts and flow, customer list, etc.

When the experience of convenient mode of operation in the people, the risk is just over the horizon. Among all the companies surveyed, less than 50% of companies conduct routine safety inspections, while only 30% of companies take technical measures to control. Therefore, in order to better manage the enterprise, lots of pc monitoring software come out. Among them, iMonitor EAM software is widely recommended.


iMonitor employee activity monitoring software sells well in more than 100 countries around the world, it has obtained a number of international certifications and praises from many customers. The main products of the software are independently designed based on the idea of precise management of computer activities. The reason why it is so popular is that there are many aspects of iMonitor’s technical advantages.

iMonitor EAM support to track all user computer and internet activities like keystroke logger, website visited, time and attendance tracking, screenshots, live desktop, keylogger, block function, file management & documents encryption.


Efficient database storage
Dedicated database: iMonitor adopts a file database structure similar to the Apple system. It is completely autonomous and dose not use other third-party database software. In the process of data storage and access, it eliminates the inevitable redundancy of many general databases, so that it can store, access and search data efficiently, stably and quickly.

High performance
The agent program has the characteristics of high stability, almost no CPU usage, extremely low memory usage and reasonable bandwidth usage. Once installed , the user of the agent computer will not feel the difference at all. iMonitor uses multi-threading technology to transmit log and image data, which is highly efficient, stable, and fast in response. At the same time, it will not increase the burden on the existing network environment of the enterprise.

The times are advancing, and management is advancing. Since employees are using software for work, we use software to monitor their activities, make statistics and analyze their work efficiency. The data recorded by iMonitor will never lie.

Companies need to be wary of employees leaking secrets through screenshots

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Screenshots, this feature is believed to be used by everyone at work or in small chats. Compared to tapping the content one by one, taking a screenshot requires only a simple capture action to capture the content we want through pictures and send it to any place. Convenient operability makes screenshots widely used in corporate offices, but behind this convenient operation also hides the high risk of leaking important company information. A few simple operations can leak important corporate secrets.


How to prevent employees from leaking company information by taking screenshots? iMonitorsoft employee activity monitoring software provides several countermeasures.

Screenshot control

block screen

Not only can the common Print Screen screenshots be restricted, but also the screenshots of the chat software can be restricted, which can prevent employees from leaking secrets through the screenshot operation to the greatest extent.

Screen watermark


The watermark management of iMonitor EAM 9.632 version can flexibly set various parameters, such as: watermark content, font, slope, density and other parameters. On the one hand, it acts as a deterrent to employees and ensures that employees use the screenshot tool in compliance; on the other hand, when a screenshot is found to be leaked, the source can be traced based on the watermark information in the picture.

Leak Tracking and Backup

backup files

iMonitor employee surveillance software can record and back up the files sent out, which is convenient for enterprises to review.

Note: The screen watermark function currently only supports Windows PC. We also have Mac employee monitoring software, for more information, please visit our site

How to Monitor Your Kid’s Online Activity?

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With the development of technology, the Internet has become a major part of the education system. Today’s kids have access to the Internet at a very young age. They like surfing online and spend much time on it.

But while the Internet is full of learning opportunities, it also includes inappropriate sites, pornography, hackers and a range of other things many parents just don’t want their kids to see. So how can parents protect kids from the bad while still allowing them to access the positive things available online? A parental control software will be necessary for every parents.

parental control software

Workauditor is a cloud based user activity monitoring software, which allows you to monitor the kid’s computer from anywhere. It can record screenshots,keylogger, live desktop, website visited and so on. And it’s easy to us, you just need to install the agent program on the target computer, then you can login the web console to check all the activities on the children’s pc.


For those unhealthy websites or applications, you can add them to the blacklist. There’s also keyword function, you can add certain words to the list, once the kids trigger those actions, there’s a alert on the console.

I’m sure Workauditor will help you a lot, so why not install one from now on? For more information, please visit our site


Why do you need a monitoring software?

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Have you ever wondered what your employee doing when you are outside? Did they play games at office? Did they send documents to others? If you are so worried, then suggest you to use computer monitoring software, such as iMonitor EAM or iMonitor 365 – employee activity monitoring software.

employee monitor

The agent works in totally stealth mode, there’s no pop ups, no icons, no any notification on desktop, so it won’t find by the employee. And you can benefit a lot from the software, please check the details below.

Increase productivity: Computer monitoring software can improve productivity by reducing non-work-related computer use, such as social media, videos, games, online shopping and so on. You can just add those items to blacklist.

Generate reports: The software automatically generates reports on actions such as website visits, work summary, and even Internet viewing. The keystroke logging feature records keystrokes in work applications, websites, and chat conversations – in real-time, and you can check it at any time.

Keep records: Some companies may have to record their employees’ activities and retain those records to meet certain requirements. These records can be used in internal investigations, if necessary. With iMonitor EAM, you can saved all the records to your local server.

There are also some other advantages, you can find it by yourself.For more information, please visit our site :

Best Computer Monitoring Software for Business

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There are a lot of types of pc monitoring software, and considering the volatility of the type of software, it is important to make sure that one is purchasing from a known company. Pc monitoring software is a useful tool, but make sure that these things are done well – pc monitoring software.


To encourage dad and mom to maintain a pointy eye on kid’s digital activities and to guard companies’ secret knowledge by monitoring staff is only attainable with iMonitor EAM software. While using these, you can’t only view statistics, but additionally view hardware info and specifications. In basic, additionally it is quite simple software program to observe system performance.

We help you view your operations holistically and identify opportunities for collaboration & optimization across your enterprise. It helps in enhancing business productivity as well. So, all organizations try to maintain a perfect environment for their employees to work in a safe, comfortable, and healthy atmosphere – employee surveillance software.

Pc monitoring software monitors the screens of the employees and presents you either live video or reports based on the employee activities. And nowadays, with so many employees working remotely or from other geographical locations, the significance of employee monitoring tools have further increased. For more information, please visit our site

Screen Monitoring Software

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Working with a remote desktop screen monitoring software can be a very smart decision if you work with one or more employees. This is great for any company, as that employee literally turns in to an asset. This is excellent because this will give you a consistent look at your employee’s work throughout the entire day, thus eliminating the question of whether they are working or not – employee desktop live viewer.


If you are monitoring several employees, this is great because you don’t need to log into different monitoring accounts. You have just one online account, or platform, to log into. Everyones of your employee’s images will be right in front of you, one click away from your viewing.

Having a screen monitoring software is invaluable because of all the benefits that it offers you. Mainly peace of mind in knowing that you are in control, even if you are not around psychically. Your employees will work harder for you, knowing that they are being monitored. You will be able to detect inactivity and unproductive tasks – employee activity monitoring software.

This will increase employee effectiveness and will ultimately increase the company’s revenue. There are many ways of monitoring your employees including the traditional method of hanging around the office for the whole day. It is time you discovered that you can use this time you spend in the office monitoring your employees, to do other business when you employ effective technological innovations to monitor your employees. For more information, please visit our site

How to back up files on all company computer?

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The security of the company’s documentation is a very important part, especially for the development department. If the office computer crush suddenly, most user will lost the computes flies, this is a serious problem;The other case is if the user want to recover the previous files, but it has been overwritten or deleted. So, it’s good for you if the company can back up all the computer files.


We suggest you to use iMonitor EAM, beside the file back up, you can also monitor employee computer activity, record all the thing from the agent computer start until tun off, the monitored logs including screen-shots, chat records, file records, Internet records, keylogger, and file transfers.

Meantime, you can set website filter, application filter, prevent the employee from visiting entertainment web pages and software during working hours, block file transfer, block USB device to ensure all the files do not leakage.

Documents that need to be sent out need to be approved by the management terminal before they can be sent out normally, so that the safety of company files can be effectively guaranteed.

The employee activity monitoring software iMonitor EAM can realize the above-mentioned functions. iMonitor EAM is composed of three programs, server program, console program and agent program.

Server program is for storing data and should be installed on a computer as server.

Console program is for logging in console panel to connect server and start monitoring.

Agent program should be installed on employee’s computer. The agent program will work in totally stealth mode, no pop-up window,no item in add/remove programs, no item in Windows start-up menu, no any notifications,no icon in the task-bar and desktop and can not be ended by the user. The path for installing and saving data is also hidden, which will not affect the normal work of employees.

The employee computer monitoring software iMonitor EAM supports the use of major companies, education departments, government departments, schools and other places. iMonitor EAM can enable automatic backup and upload the latest data to the server in real time.For more information, please visit our site

The Value of Computer Monitoring Software

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When it comes to employee’s working productivity, employee activity monitoring software play an important role on it, which can record all the details which employee did on their computer. For example, every website visited by each employee and how long they visited those sites. The employer can take take action to prohibit the users to go to some website or Apps.

pc monitoring software

Time theft is a different type of robbery that companies know exists but may be unsure how to prevent it. Time theft occurs when employees use company time for personal activities. Such as watching videos, playing games, online shopping and so on. Employees are paid by hour, so if they did something that has nothing to do with the work, it’s really a waste of money for the company.


With iMonitor EAM, the employer can also generate report to check each individuals productivity, then get a better understanding of the dedication of them. Every employee may have a down day. Be alert to employees who consistently spend company time on personal activities.

How to control your company workstation?

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As a manager, how do you manage your employees’ computer behavior?

During work time, some employees chat online, play video game, download video, shopping online, network crashes often, computer often catches a virus and causes a lot of problems… All these problems are caused by employees’ irregular Internet behavior. Therefore, the company’s LAN network needs scientific and reasonable management and control urgently.

I believe that you are no stranger about Computer monitoring software. How to manager your computers in the LAN?


Remote work monitoring software can not only control, monitor and remotely operate employees’ online behavior, monitor employees’ computer behavior, such as playing games, online shopping, accessing illegal links, downloading software.

Employee monitoring software can prohibit employees from accessing specific links, record chat content, record U disk usage, prohibit downloading certain programs, manager files remotely. It can prevent employees spending too much time on which not related to the work.

So, how to use computer monitoring software to manager your workstation. Now, let’s enquire iMonitor EAM details…


File/Data Security Setting, Block file transfer in E-mail application (Outlook, Foxmail, etc.) ,web page (Webmail, Facebook, Online storage, etc.),

Block file transfer in IM clients (Facebook, Skype, Wechat, Facebook, etc.)Block File Transfer in USB, USB Disk Monitor,Disable USB storage devices, Make USB storage devices read only.

File activity record, Record files activity, Log file usages (copy, move, delete, rename, create, modify.) Log file transfers.

Live Remote Desktop & Control, With iMonitor EAM, you can run multiple remote desktops, up to 30 screens. Meantime, you can control it remotely.

Website Filter Setting, You can add website list to stop your employee to visit them.

Website white-list, In other hand, you can also set the whitelist, it will allow the employee to visit the specific websites only.

Online Safety for Kids and Family

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Do you know what happened to your home computer when you are away? Do you know what your children use your computer for? WorkAuditor is a good pc monitoring software for you to check the computer activities remotely.

Children can access various content online, such as violence games, pornographic, gambling, etc. Most parents will want to reduce the risks to their children, and reduce the risk to parents when children accidentally spend online money! The internet matters website explains this quite well. Online safety is not just about protecting children from some of the dangers of the internet – it is also about helping them manage their use of technology and most of the parental controls allow adults to set a maximum time for the use of a device or app.t3-2

If your children are using a computer, then it necessary for you to install a remote monitoring software on their computer. On one hand, you can know what they are doing on the computer and stop them to visit some unhealthy website. On the other hand, you can know if there’s any bad guy who are tricking your child, then you can take necessary action.t3

WorkAuditor can help you tracking all your children’s computer activities . Without purchase additional machines and arrange people to do this, you just need to install agent WorkAuditor on the target computers, and the agent program works in totally stealth mode, so your child won’t find it. You can monitor them at anywhere, even at your company, or you need to do is to login the web console. So it’s very easy to use.