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Did she cheating on me?

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It’s no secret that relationships are built on trust, but sometimes that is not enough and you need to resort to other methods in an attempt to make sure your wife is completely honest and faithful.

Sometimes, the only way to tell if a wife is cheating is to go behind her back and start spying on her in some shape or form. Back in the day, husbands would hire Private Eyes who would do all the snooping. They’d go out and tail the wife, probably snapping photographs of her in uncompromising positions or tracing her to some surreptitious meeting with another man in a Motel room in the next town. Of course, guys simply don’t have the time to do all that themselves; especially if the wife is being ultra-cautious and making sure that they only do their cheating when he’s otherwise indisposed at work or some other event that he cannot get out of. Cheating wives (and husbands for that matter!) can be sneaky like that. It’s a part and parcel of cheating and it means that finding out the truth can sometimes be really difficult.

There is a story about Edwin and her wife,

”Me and my wife are married with a 2 year old boy. My wife had been texting a guy named Josh that would come see her at work and flirt with her. I told her that I didn’t feel comfortable with it and for her to stop. So she stopped,  at least I thought she did. She put a fingerprint lock on her phone and starting hanging out with a girlfriend of her’s named Elizabeth. So i was wondering, Is there a way to spy on my wife’s messages and calls?  Luckily, I found a Android  phone spy software to help me monitor my wife’s phone. Without get past her fingerprint lock on her phone, I can monitor her messages on my computer or cellphone anytime. And I found that she was texting someone named Nikki. Once I dug deeper, I realized the Nikki person was just a fake contact for josh. I found out that they had been see each other for about 2 months and going the bar frequently. I saw messages between them two and took pictures and showed them to my wife,  and she finally confessed after 2 months of lying.

I was divorced from my wife,  and i got the custody of my daughter.”

We all don’t want to see this kind of tragedy, but we need to face the reality. Something that has occurred in recent times, however, is the trend of spying on mobile phones. A guy put it to me, bluntly, recently like this: “I need to read my wife’s text messages.” 


  1. Calls : Calls will be made into recordings upload to your account that you can check anytime you like.
  2. Contacts: Record all contacts information(names & phone number)stored in the cell-phone.
  3. SMS Messages: All messages sent and received will be uploaded to your account for you to view any time.
  4. Website Visited:Record when and what web sites have been visited. You can also track all URLs.
  5. GPS Locations: Track the location of your mobile phone, displays detailed address with Google Map.
  6. App Usage: Record all applications run on the cellphone with viewing App name and Packet name.
  7. Photos: All photos and videos will be uploaded to your iMonitor account from the mobile phone.

The phone spy software is indispensable when it comes to tracking down your wife’s, children’s and staff’s mobile activities, choose it in time of need!

Grasp your child’s activites via Mobile monitoring software

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phone-spyMy child is in first grade, in order to get a facilitate communication, i bought her a cell phone.Recently, a child of his school is missing on his way home, and it was said that he was trafficked, and now the child has not been found yet.Now the bad guys really are too many, those traffickers are really have no a little bit of conscience and morality.Don’t they know that what the children mean for a family? Don’t themselves have children?After this incident all the parents go to school to pick up their children on time no matter at noon or in the afternoon, We don’t let our children walk outside alone.Many children of this school seem to have been shocked by this incident, they dare not to go outside alone. We were very worried about our child, and even thought about changing schools so that he can forget about it, but considering the costs we gave up finally.

A friend who working on software recommended me a Mobile phone monitoring soft recently,this soft can monitor and record all the phone activites ,such as contacts, text messages, call content, GPS, photos, videos, etc., and i can view this info on the Web Console Center anytime.I was a little skeptical at first,don’t know whether it can give me any help.My friend told me that this soft provide 3 days free trial, i can decide use it or not after my trial.I did that.It is really so wonderful soft.I can know my child ‘s Mobile phone usage in real time, including his call contents with other people, text messages, sent or received mails, where he is . With this software, we will be no worried to let our child go out to play, and we have time to do other things too.We bought 3 license finally,for our child and our parents.They’re being older and older,this soft can help us take care of them better.

This mobile phone monitoring soft is called ” iMonitor Phone Spy “( ).Maybe you can try it if you need.

Protect the safety of yourself and your families with phone spy

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Phone spy is a kind of software that used to monitor and even control another phone. The purpose of using a phone spy are distinguished between malicious and goodwill.Malicious purpose is installing phone spy to other’s phone without their knowing to eavesdropping the monitored phone’s calls,watch the SMS and other criminal activities.Goodwill is mainly installing phone spy on themselves phone or their families’ to protect their information security and to keep abreast of information on families dynamics,such as parents can know the child’s location in real time, to understand the child’s text messages and web browsing content in order to protect the child’s healthy growth. There is also a very convenient use is when your phone is stolen, you can promptly remove the stolen key data and information on the phone, or even locked stolen mobile phone to get the thief unprofitable. Public security organization also sometimes use phone spy to quickly determine the location of the suspect.

iMonitor phone spy is very popular on the market and getting good reputation, its product performance is stable, easy to use. The main purposes of iMonitor’s customers are monitoring their children and their families, no criminal purposes.With iMonitor Phone Spy you can silently monitor text messages, GPS locations, call details, photos and social media activity.Smart Phone is the most easy way to let people communicate with others. If you are a parent and you had bought a phone for your young children, please note the world is open, with the phone he or she can meet strangers easily via facebook, messengers, and perhaps your children will touch drugs, violence and pornography from strangers. How to keep your little kids away from these dangerous things? How to make children’s every move is under the supervision of parents? iMonitor Phone Spy can help you!

iMonitor Phone Spy traces mobile phone in an automatic, stealthy and hidden manner. It can take you inside the mobile phone. All you have to do is to install the software on the target phone you want to monitor. Installation is very easy and will take only a minute. Once done, you will see all information recorded on the site via internet from anywhere in the world!

Welcome to download free trial:

Experience mobile and remote monitoring anytime, anywhere — Anywheremonitor

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160018691One main symbol of modern technology is bringing our life more convenience,such as voice-activated lights, smart TV, robot nanny, intelligent home appliances and so on.Today I will give you a recommend of a smart monitoring software –Anywheremonitor,for computer, cell phone monitoring.Just like the name of the software, no matter whenever and whereeveryou are you can view all the device information.

Anywheremonitor monitoring products are applicable both companies and individuals. The company is mainly for employee computer monitoring and employee communal phone monitoring so that managers can keep track of the progress and working methods of the employees ,also it’s very convenient for the manager to find the question in employee’s job and guide him or her timely, play a supervisory role of employees.Meanwhile, Anywheremonitor monitoring products can also do a remote control of the monitored devices,such as back up important files to sever PC automaticlly,send remote commands,remote live desktop,remote shut off/restart and so on.Anywheremonitor cellphone monitoring products can record all call records and voice content, information, GPS location, pictures, videos etc.Individuals are primarily for the phone of family members to protect their safety.Most are for children and older people.Some are for their wives or husbands.

Nowadays,many criminals happened by taking advantage of technology products.Our around is so dangerous.Internet fraud, trafficking in children of women, the elderly fraud, extortion and other cases are common. A safe and reliable remote monitoring software is really essential for us.

The great weapon of preventing affair — iMonitor phone spy

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8Today just broke a message due to an affair of a football player is going to divorce with his eight-month pregnant wife, a former model, resigned after finding her pregnancy. Recently she found her husband having an affair with other woman.She can’t stand all the thing and decide to divorce.And i have to say that this news really has great inspiration for all married women.During pregnancy, be sure to keep an eye on your husband, to prevent other woman damaging your family.However,it’s really unrealistic to follow your husband during pregnancy,you need good rest and peaceful life.So what should you do? Actually, i have a good solution for you,you only need a secure secret phone spy software.

iMonitor phone spy monitoring software is fully automatic, stealth and security operated,let you know everything happened on the monitored phone.With iMonitor Phone Spy you can silently monitor text messages, GPS locations, call details, photos and social media activity.You can don’t need to follow your husband but know his everything so that you can find anything strange and deal with it timely to pevent an affair out of your home.

It’s not easy to have a happy marriage,it needs both partners to treasure it and always be loyal to each other.But the reality is cruel, many unmarried young and beautiful girls are ready to rob your husbands to destory your family and do your husbands can resist the temptation?DO you have confidence with them? If you’re not sure,you feel unsafe about it ,why don’t you come to the help of modern science and technology? Whatever wish you a happy marriage!

My girlfriend installed phone spy in my cellphone secretly! ! !

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This is a true story that happened to me …
My girlfriend is very oversensitive and always check my cellphone without my permission. We had many fights for this, and recently found it became a little better, she no longer requires to check my phone,so i thought everything would be ok. But something is very strange, it seems that she almost knows my everything and who i had a call with.For example, if i call a girl or chat with a girl,she will ask many questions about that girl.And if i drink with a friend without telling her where we are,she still can find us.I’ve always wondered about this, just thought maybe my friend betrayed me, then some guys reminded me that maybe my phone is monitored, I was in a cold sweat hearing that. Then i found a professional guy to confirm whether it’s ture, and he found a spy soft in me cellphone! ! My girlfriend actually secretly installed a phone spy soft on my phone! Called iMonitor phone spy that can monitor all of my phone usage, including call history, voice recording, SMS text messaging, GPS location, photos, and video. It’s almost omnipotent !! With this phone spy software, i don’t dare to lie her any more and have to do what she said!!