160018691One main symbol of modern technology is bringing our life more convenience,such as voice-activated lights, smart TV, robot nanny, intelligent home appliances and so on.Today I will give you a recommend of a smart monitoring software –Anywheremonitor,for computer, cell phone monitoring.Just like the name of the software, no matter whenever and whereeveryou are you can view all the device information.

Anywheremonitor monitoring products are applicable both companies and individuals. The company is mainly for employee computer monitoring and employee communal phone monitoring so that managers can keep track of the progress and working methods of the employees ,also it’s very convenient for the manager to find the question in employee’s job and guide him or her timely, play a supervisory role of employees.Meanwhile, Anywheremonitor monitoring products can also do a remote control of the monitored devices,such as back up important files to sever PC automaticlly,send remote commands,remote live desktop,remote shut off/restart and so on.Anywheremonitor cellphone monitoring products can record all call records and voice content, information, GPS location, pictures, videos etc.Individuals are primarily for the phone of family members to protect their safety.Most are for children and older people.Some are for their wives or husbands.

Nowadays,many criminals happened by taking advantage of technology products.Our around is so dangerous.Internet fraud, trafficking in children of women, the elderly fraud, extortion and other cases are common. A safe and reliable remote monitoring software is really essential for us.