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The monitoring of the employee and the right of privacy

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It is the employer’s right to monitor, using lawful means, the activities performed by employees in the workplace, especially with the purpose of the inspection is to regulate the development of business activity. This right becomes a power: the power of steering (or supervisory), which arises from the fact that he is the owner of the business and takes risks.
Many questions arise about this controlling power that employers have over employees. Nowadays, with the technological advancement, which enables more effective means of monitoring the activities of the worker opens scope for abuse. It is at this point – the possibility of abuse by employers – that it is necessary to examine how the company can and should exercise the governing power.
It happens that, despite being legitimate in theory, such supervision by the employer, the employee has the right to privacy (article. 5, section XII of the Constitution of 1988). This right can somehow suffer harmful interference from the employer.
It is necessary then analyzed from the legal nature of the employment contract to the manner permitted by law to resolve conflicts between governing power and right to privacy.
According to doctrinal and jurisprudential understanding, beyond pointing Article 442 of the Labor Code, the adjustment will of the parties is essential to the validity of the employment contract condition. ie, employee and employer must adhere to the contract they consensually established.
However, despite having the imposition of this mutual agreement, it is natural and even necessary that the employee be put in a position of subordination to the employer. Thus, he agrees that its activity is directed by the latter, which has enforcement power by virtue of being the owner of the business and take risks.
The company therefore has the prerogative to regulate activities performed by their subordinates. But employees should have prior knowledge of all working conditions, including with respect to surveillance will be subject.
Prior knowledge of contract conditions, especially with regard to control, has the purpose of guaranteeing them the inviolability of the rights to privacy, honor and intimacy. The Constitution, in its article. 5, section XII, asserts that are inviolable privacy, private life, honor and image of persons, guaranteeing the right to compensation for property or moral damages resulting from the violation. These rights are guaranteed to all individuals, regardless of legal relationship to which they are subject. Therefore, such rights must also be observed in labor relations.
It is clear that there is a latent conflict between the employer’s right power and the right of privacy of the employee. And it is necessary, therefore, to seek ways of resolving this conflict.
The doctrine and jurisprudence elect the application, in this case, the principle of proportionality as the most appropriate manner permitted by law to resolve the issue. i.e., one must assess how necessary is the interference of a right in the other and what is the degree of mitigation that one will suffer for the other.
Thus, provided there is proportionality, it is entirely legitimate for the employer to monitor his business activity and, consequently, the services provided by its employees. The employer has no right for the employee, but on how their activity is exerted.
We conclude, therefore, employer is fully legitimate to monitor the services provided by the employees, provided they do so in a reasonable and proportionate way.

Monitoring Via Internet in Workplace

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monitoring over internet
Understandings that exist in relation to computer systems in case of internet and emails, when necessary to perform job-related employee activities may be monitored. And this understanding is based on the equipment and software belong to the employer.

“As the equipment and software is owned by the company, any loss generated by access to certain sites is the responsibility of the employer admits to ban undesirable or distinct accesses the necessity of work.”

“In the case of the owner claimed to be the provider, it is up to him track or not computers in his company, especially when they are provided to employees for work. From the moment that a question arises misuse of e-mail, for a certain group, this issue can only be sorted out by tracking of provider. And the company could track all email addresses, because there would be no privacy to be preserved, since the e-mail could not be used for private purposes.”

The following are the most frequent reasons for the employer to monitor the computer use of employees:

a) ascertain whether the employee is being unproductive: mails addressed by a single employee or multiple recipients with the subject line” re “or” fw “may indicate that the employee is wasting time and unduly burdening the enterprise system with redirecting inappropriate conversations or jokes;

b) examine whether there receiving / sending emails containing attachments of type “exe”, which, among others, may contain viruses or programs without a license, and overload the network or the company;

c) ascertain whether the employee is visiting unsafe sites and sites that have no relation with their work or dowloading improperly licensed programs;

d) verify that the employee wants to leave the company (emails with the subject line “Curriculum Vitae”, for example):

e) ascertain whether mails containing “confidential” designation or “proprietary” contains improper disclosure of confidential information of the company. ”

Taking into consideration the above paragraphs, it is guided that employers may adopt some procedures, such as:

a) the employee must inform the employee about the monitoring of computers;

b) the employee must be aware of the sites can be accessed;

e) the employer may also adopt access control programs, which will restrict the access only to the sites related to job;

d) among others.

Team building involves more than throwing a few people together

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‘team working’ has infiltrated every nook and cranny within just about every organisation. You can’t get away from ‘teams’ that are supposed to be able to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Or so the theory goes.
Yet the truth about teams is that the larger majority of them do not achieve the synergies they could. For example, poor teamworking is the culprit when meetings regularly overrun, when there are frequent arguments between team members or there is an healthy level of competition between individuals. Other signs of unproductive teamworking are people not always completing task assigned to them or last minute panics to meet deadlines. More often than not, ineffective trams are the result of poor planing.
In other words, a clear reason for the team to exist. But don’t think of goals as wish lists – they have to be achievabel, yet challenging enough to motivate team members.
Members must be able to express their opinions freely without fear of retribution, and feel that suggestions will be taken seriously. The team might also need to agree whether politically sensitive topics of discussion in meetings should be kept within the confines of the team or shared with other employees.

Customer Review

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Customers’ satisfaction is our motive power!
“One of my distributors seemed take longer than the rest to make their deliveries. Hence, I decided to use EAM to track. EAM not only enhanced work efficiency but also told me who was late and early going while I was not in the office. ”
“My company information is vital for me.This is Why every employee who has access to important information receives a phone with iMonitor Phone Spy installed. So far nothing has happened, but I do not take risks.”

These words make me happy :)

Visitor Satisfaction Rating Result

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Live chat visitor satisfaction rating result in July comes out.
Lynn and Kevin have done a really good job. They have 100% good rate! Lynn is always kind and gentle to clients, taking feelings of client into consideration. Kevin’s strong point is to solve problems in shortest time. Many clients complimented him for his efficient response. You two are indeed excellent! Chocolate as prize for you and congratulations!
On the contrary, one guy received a dozen of bad rate. Oh, come on, we know your technical knowledge comes on top and all you need is only one thing – patience. Yes, patience is significant. If you could be a little bit more patient to your clients you would be perfect!
Cathy and Tina, I am really glad that you both made a great improvement.
Finally, a big thank you to everyone for your hard working!

Website Updating

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The page of iMonitor EAM has been updated.
Recently many users claim that they feel lost after they download EAM installation package. They don’t know which program should be installed on which computer. I think the installation manual is clear enough for user to finish the installation but it seems that some users just feel troublesome to read it, so we draw a picture showing structure of EAM program. Indeed, the installation is very easy. Have server program and console program installed on manager’s PC and agent program on employees’ PC, that is all, nothing difficult, yeah?
Another column added on the EAM page is feature list, we have tried our best to give detailed description of all major functions. We hope this column could help our customers get an idea of what this software can do. The list is made according to EAM professional if you want to know features of EAM Standard please hit the “features” button which will lead you to page of EAM Pro. and Std. comparison.
If you have any suggestion about what content we should add on our website please leave it in the comment. We would be very grateful.

IMonitor EAM Ver.8.3 Release Soon!

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We are now doing the final testing of EAM Ver.8.3 which will be released in days!
In this version we fixed some issues such as Japanese e-mail Garbled characters and now EAM works even more smoothly and stable than before. According to important feedback from our clients, this new version has added many marvelous new features!
A very useful feature is “auto file back up”. With this feature, you can have important files backed up automatically. Once the file is accessed/modified/removed/moved on client PC EAM will back up it on the server PC. When the staff delete important document by miss, searching for help in tears, you can tell him never mind every thing will be OK and give him the original document.
Another new feature is “multi-window live desktop”, with which you can view up to 30 live desktops at one time, to grasp what is going on on each computer in real time! By double clicking a window, the window will be enlarged so you can see the detail and take control on that PC.
The last good news. With all these great new features added, the pricing will keep still! Yes, iMonitorSoft will always provide customers with best cost-performance product.

A Nice Company Outing

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This is a yearly summer company outing of all iMonitorSoft Employees. The boss has always believed that one should balance work with play and this makes the work environment have a healthier atmosphere. I can’t agree with that more.
We had many games such as several relay games, a tug of war, and a sack race. However, my favorite was the cheering competition! It was so fun to see everyone out-dance, out-scream and out-cheer each other. My partner Cathy is always in charge of our company events and she really outdid herself this year in organizing one of the best company outings we’ve ever had.
Today was a really nice day. I love all my “family members”!

IMonitor EAM Needs Your Help to Get Better!

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IMonitor EAM needs your help to get better. We really want to know what our customers need. Our dream is to make the most satisfactory software for our customers. We would be very glad if you could give us your feedback. Please kindly advise which is the feature you want most to be added in EAM.

A. Number of keystrokes for each application. e.g. to monitor how many keystrokes an employee accomplished in Microsoft Word.
B. White list for specific web sites.
C. Monitoring of specified folder. Whenever the folder is accessed, take a screenshot and log this action.
D. Record how much time user spent on each web page.
E. Automatic evasion of antivirus.
F. Sub grade under department.
G. Record comment text submitted on web sites.
H. Send mail file attachment to the server PC.
I. Prevent specified documents from being printed.
J. Send file to all client computers at one time.
K. Other.

Security Consciousness of Employees Enhanced and Inappropriate Computer Activities Drastically Reduced

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Since the adoption of EAM Professional, we have managed to find out some inappropriate behaviors of employees, such as browsing non work related sites in working hours. We also found a large quantity of downloaded music files and video files.
After declaration of monitoring, security consciousness of employee notably enhanced and inappropriate computer activities drastically reduced. Now every body are kept on track. Some employees used to chat or do net surfing in working hours, with their tasks postponed. They are now working much more efficiently, finishing the assignment on time. What makes me really happy is that I saved plenty of overtime pay!