A recent survey found that 80% of corporation confidential data leakage derived from inner crime.
Leakage of critical data might lead to big damage to a company. Most middle and small companies felt necessity for a counterplan but they found it was difficult to find an effective solution.
In such a situation, iMonitor EAM attracted business owners’ attention.
IMonitor EAM records every file operation including that on removable disk. With blocking features, it is also possible to completely forbid use of all removable device like USB stick, smart media, memory stick, SD card etc. IMonitor EAM can tell you who has printed confidential document or uploaded important files to online storage. You may also block any unwanted online storage site with EAM web-site filter. What’s more, every file attachment of e-mail/web-mail will be logged by the software, as well as file transfer via Skype.
Are you anxious about your business secret being sent to rival company? Do you fear client information leakage hurts company credit? For sure iMonitor EAM will be the best choice to protect your business.