1, Internet Monitoring: to monitor employees on site, and content managers to facilitate the conduct of employee Internet monitoring and management. And has a web filtering, can prohibit employees from a specific site, and can limit employee access to specific time.

2, chat monitor: can monitor employee use of various chat tools chat, to facilitate acts of managers to manage employee Internet chat, chat to avoid excessive working hours employees work-related content.

3, e-mail monitoring: real-time recording of all LAN computers send and receive mail, and detailed monitoring and recording all messages sent to employees of all content, whether he is through, FOXMAIL, OUTLOOK, OUTLOOK EXPRESS or send any other e-mail tools.

4, the game monitor: to monitor employees to play the game content.

5, file monitoring: the staff can copy, cut, delete, rename files or folders to monitor operations.

6, other monitoring: staff can monitor all computer operations, and can customize monitoring options, but can be defined only monitor certain operations, while other operations ignored.

7, real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring employee computer and can be controlled, as easy as operating their own computer operations staff computers. Also provides a multi-screen monitor, can simultaneously monitor up to 16 employees.

8, timely warning: can be set into the removable storage device, or copy files when away or other custom prohibits operation, police in time management. In this way, employees do some work-related things, or endanger the security of confidential information to the company, the manager can know in time.

9, the hardware management: lists all employee computer hardware. All hardware devices can be disabled to avoid not related to the work of employees using computer equipment, errors modify the network properties to facilitate the unified arrangements of the screen saver or screen, is also the first one to achieve a just disable the USB storage device, without disabling USB mouse, keyboard, storage devices and other non-recognition functions,

10, block ports: port may block employee Internet access, chat port, game port, etc., according to the need to regulate employees’ online behavior.

11, prohibited to run: Disabled employees can set their own specific computer program (such as: QQ, MSN, Thunder), regulate employee use of computers

12, monitoring statistics report: in a month the staff’s efficiency statistics, it is intuitive to use various software to see staff time and frequency. And reflected in column and pie charts. Makes the evaluation of managers of employees working more intuitive, more informed.

13, remote file operations: can staff all the files within a computer for remote management, remote employees can file copy, cut, delete, rename, etc., can upload, download, but also provides a batch download files and folders Lee.

14, the remote control: remote employees computer shutdown, remote reboot, remote call with the staff, employees can view the window list and the list of processes, and can close any window or process.

15, volume set: The software is very easy to operate, monitor the number of computers for more and more customers, the software provides volume setting function, you can set all your employees or selected employees, without having to manually set the control block in turn!