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The Benefits of Computer Monitoring Software

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Technological advances have made computers an important part of every workplace. Many companies store valuable data on computer systems, databases and networks, and most workplace communication is done using computers and networks. Although computers allow businesses to streamline processes, distribute information quickly and stay competitive, it also allows the potential for security issues that can ultimately affect business operations and integrity. So a computer monitoring software is a neccessary for the computer, Below are some advantages of using computer monitoring software.

Monitoring employees gives you the opportunity to watch for mistakes and errors throughout the workday. When you see an employee make an error, you may immediately confront the employee about it or bring it up during the employee’s performance review. You may use evidence gathered by the monitoring software to help an employee cut down on his mistakes in the future by pointing out ways he can improve. To keep a strong employee relationship in the workplace, write down the mistakes employees commit so that you can revisit them later. Immediately jumping on an employee about an error may cause employees to become fearful about making mistakes, leading to slow production and discord between employees and management.

Employees want you to acknowledge their strengths, and a monitoring software enables you to do so throughout each day. A monitoring software provides you with detailed snapshots of how an employee is going above and beyond the call of duty. Acknowledging employee excellence captured by the monitoring software also lessens trust issues employees may have with being monitored. If your employees understand that the monitoring software isn’t being used solely to point out weaknesses, they may become more accepting of being monitored.

Data Security
Because most data is stored on computers and almost all communication is done on an organization’s computer network, the security of the data is crucial for the success of an organization. Monitoring workplace computers can be done using a variety of software products that monitor computer networks. This software can also be used to monitor or track employee activity and productivity as well. This ensures data is secure by using the software to block certain websites, alert information technology staff of potential threats, such as computer viruses, as well as monitor computer and Internet usage by employees.

Violation of Policies
Dishonest employees, as well as employees who believe the rules don’t apply to them, may break company rules when management isn’t around. By constantly monitoring employees, you might catch those who willingly violate company policy and immediately employ disciplinary action.

Monitoring the ways in which an employee spends his time at work helps you understand how to increase production. Employees who use company time for personal time cause the company to suffer. For example, if you monitor an employee’s Internet usage and find he’s spending a large portion of his day online, you can confront him and explain he needs to spend more time working.

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7 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Office Print Waste

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Whether you work at an energetic startup with tight margins or some multinational with Fortune 500 credentials, minimizing the amount of paper your department unnecessarily uses will cut into your costs and free up budget room for other things—like Friday morning donuts, for example.

According to data gathered by the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance, American office workers use an average of 10,000 sheets of copy paper annually. The EPA estimates that paper and paperboard make up 40 percent of garbage in the US. And while efforts to promote recycling have made great strides, we still have considerable distance to cover.

#1 – Make recycling easy.
Print is inevitable in any office, and not everything you print is something you will store for later use. Copy paper is easy to recycle, but much of it just doesn’t find a way back into circulation because businesses don’t prioritize making recycling easy for workers.

#2 – Copy on both sides of paper.
Set your printers and copiers to use both sides of the page when printing. Doing so instantly cuts the amount of pages used per print job in half. That’s a huge amount over the course of a year or two!

#3 – Reduce document size to fit onto single page.
If you didn’t try this classic hack during college, you spent far too much valuable pizza money on paper and printing, mi amigo. Reformatting your prints to fit two pages side-by-side on the page cuts the amount of paper you use in half, and if you print front-and-back that’s three sheets of paper saved for every one used.

#4 – Check out the first and last page.
When you print articles from the web, a lot of times the printer isn’t automatically optimized for the page and can include links, headers, et cetera. When your print preview comes up, take a look to see that you aren’t printing something you don’t need. While this may only save a page or two on every other article, over time it will help you minimize the amount of paper waste you are producing right out of the printer. Similarly, articles with extensive comment sections can run several extra pages of print you usually don’t need.

#5 – Lighter weight paper.
Lighter paper requires less wood pulp to produce. That means less material investment going into your paper and less work necessary during the recycling process. Your day to day business needs don’t require heavier paper stock in most cases. In those instances where you need to make an impression with your print quality, you can manually load better paper into the printer. This also helps minimize costs, as lighter weight paper is often less expensive. Bonus!

#6 – Proofread before you print.
Noticing a typo on something you just printed isn’t just frustrating—it’s wasteful. When you preview your print, give each page one final run through to make sure no glaring errors will result in waste.

#7 – Print management software.
Medium-sized and larger offices can benefit greatly by using print monitoring software to help regulate cloud printing and track data, and log printed documents Popular management programs like Print Job Monitor expressly designed to limit the amount of paper waste your company uses.
The most important thing about reducing your waste is being conscious about how you manage the resources you can control. Reducing total costs opens up budgetary space to buy more recycled products, as well as things like biodegradable plastic cutlery for the office kitchen and a whole lot more.


What can Print Job Monitor do for you?

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Businessman stressed and overworked yelling in office

”We waste a lot of papers, I knew my employees were printing personal documents but i can’t figure out who they are cuz i don’t have any evidence, such annoying !”—— Glynne

”This is the confidential documents of my business, I’m so afraid of my employees would copy and leak it out……”—— Barkley

Print Job Monitor is the best solution which can solve those problems for you.

What is Print Job Monitor?

Print Job Monitor is a well designed software that allows you to remote monitor all printers and print activities in your office, and it could monitor multiple devices at the same time from one centralized location. This software can be used by anyone at home, school and office for their own requirements and purposes.

Print Job Monitor allows you to see real time printer’s printing status and log all job information such as printer name, IP address, document name, computer name, user name, number of copies, pages printed, paper size, etc. It also can save the print job information into centralized database to allow you to analyze and track printer’s usage later.

” Sounds good! But if my employees would notice that they were being monitored? Does it have Stealth mode?  will the user find it? 

Yes, the Print Job Monitor works on stealth mode, it works in totally stealth mode without any message & window popups, and protected by your iMonitor Web Console account password.

” I’m not the professional IT guy, so i want to know it’s hard to install and use?

Print Job Monitor is a could based printer monitoring software, just need to install the program on the target computer, and user can log in the online console to monitor the printer activities. The whole installation is sample, the using is also convenient. 

” I’ve noticed that there are other print job monitor software, so what’s your advantages? ”

Our biggest advantage is that we use online console which can maximum to facilitate the using process. It  breaks the limits of location, users can monitor wherever they are as long as the internet access. Expect the online viewing, the users are also able to export print logs and saved in local. 

For provide the best service for the customers, we use high performance server to ensure that there is no delaying when users are viewing the logs.

Is iMonitor monitoring software really that good? ?

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Many first users there are doubts about iMonitor softwares, some are product functions, some are the use ,and some are the performance of confidentiality. In fact, if you are willing to spend a few minutes to look at the customer reviews on our website, you will have a certain understanding and trust no our products. iMonitor monitoring software is really good!

After your purchasing, we will provide you one year free version upgrades and lifetime technical support. And for the trial version user,we also offer you friendly technical support. Please keep in mind: where there is a problem, where there is a doubt, where there is iMonitor. iMonitor PC/phone monitoring software will always be your safety backing!

Why Printer Monitor would be necessary?

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Printer is a more necessary equipment for office. Without printer, no office could work efficiently and smoothly. For middle or large business company, daily printing task would be very large. And the larger task are the related costs on paper, ink, additional equipment, and more important is some staffs maybe print some confidential documents for bad purposes. As to this point, Print Job Monitor is a “well-designed” kind of program that actually saves you money, instead of wasting it, by lowering your printing costs and preventing confidential documents leaking. How does it work? Because Print Job Monitor can track each document printed and log a database of all printing activity. Using Print Job Monitor can be easy to identify any employees who overuse or abuse company printers. When customers find some documents have been printed more than what customer’s needs or identify some confidential documents have been printed without a permission, customers can stop this print task in no time. No matter how large business company, resources wasting and confidential data leaking would be fatal. Now after testing and fixing bugs over and over again, Print Job Monitor has been an ‘nearly perfect’ tool comparing to other simulated ones. Exactly precise and stronger stability always would be concerned by IMonitor programmers, just like we always said ‘We worry about what customers worried’.