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we are interested in the monitoring software provided by your company

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To whom it may concern,
Good day. We have briefly reviewed your website and we are interested in the monitoring software provided by your company.

As these monitoring services are usually separated by their functions such as mobile devices, desktop devices and key-loggers, if say we should subscribe to all these services, will it be accessible from a single view? Or will we need to have separate accounts for each type of service?

Our next biggest concern is the communication and storage of the monitored data. Is the data being communicated to the server secured? What security measures is being placed for the communication? How are these information being stored? Are they encrypted? If so, what encryption is being used? Can these data be extracted from a third party via legal means or otherwise?

As my company deals with highly sensitive data, we would instead prefer to have the monitoring server to be located remotely with us. Meaning all data will be immediately routed to our server, thus effectively eliminating network bottleneck of traversing the globe. More importantly, this setup will also ensure the peace of mind that the data is secured within our company with all the necessary security protocols in place.

With all that said, since the monitoring software is developed internally, will it be possible for your kind self to customise the software to accommodate our needs? We are looking to acquire 15 to 50 licenses to monitor all of our company’s mobile and desktop assets.

We are looking forward to your kind and swift reply.
Or if you would rather, you can call me anytime. It would be best if I could speak directly to your development/technical team before finalising any quote with your sales team.

Monitor portable computer stealthly activity remotely from anyplace

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Monitor portable computer stealthly activity remotely from anyplace.
iMonitor Keylogger skilled licenses you investigate the portable computer user remotely from the net activities. IMonitor with skilled Keylogger , you’ll see what they are doing with laptops reports and tools remote desktop in real time and from anyplace , all you have got to undertake to open the net browser on microcomputer and log in along with your account iMonitore Keylogger skilled, then you will be able to browse the newspapers all the machines you deploy iMonitor skilled Keylogger ! you even open the camera remotely to envision the behavior of the remote user. regardless of the person is receiving or abroad , despite their place of labor or business, you monitor and review their add in real time. skilled iMonitor Keylogger records activity majority , E -mail , file , website, chat,the Facebook ,the Twitter , and keystrokes, brightness ,and don’t forget applications, print jobs screen.

keylogger allows you to monitor remote user’s computer activities from the net

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keylogger allows you to monitor remote user’s computer activities from the net. With iMonitor Keylogger Pro you can see everything they do with the computer by reports and remote desktop tool in real-time and from anywhere.iMonitor EAM can record every computer activities, include keystrokes, clipboard activities, screenshots, file documents copy, move, paste, delete, rename, create, print jobs, E-mail, webmailGMail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail and all other popular webmail, online storage usage, FTP file transfer, websites, searches, file downloads, program usage and time, Skype, Google Talk chat, removable storage usage, application network traffic, system events and so on.
Centralized computer monitoring software.
Real time remote desktop monitoring and remote control.
Monitor computer file usage, disable USB device, protect valuable corporate data, prevent potential internal threats. Visit us to get various imoniter products at a cheap cost as compared to other sites. We are also provide keyloger key for free after the user registered with us.

System keylogger is advanced technology useful tip 100 percent in hitórico time we are living

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System keylogger is advanced technology useful tip 100 percent in hitórico time we are living , this keylogger system fscilita us everyday nesecidad because without having to move to a specific site can help monitor , keep an eye , review the information that tola have on your computer , one almost immediately, is a tool for their veneficion , you can not skimp on payment since by comparing the balance cost veneficio simpre inclined to veneficio it gives us.
however, not all people know how to manage and manipulate this sistama , by which it would recommend making a video and foyeto where all the necessary procedure for handling …. explaining , likewise one consultation, this taninteresante product alcanse are all at a click … the world, all in real time information on the times we live if we are not current with the technologies that are advancing day by day as more and quedaresmo mos ago and our business Tambie ACCORDINGLY elsistema keylogger is necessary to test and see if efficiency and effectiveness.

This is one of the best employee computer monitoring software

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This is one of the best employee computer monitoring software because it has so many useful features.
It will monitor the employee activity like his visited websites, the computer usage, working hours, etc.. and by this it will secure the company business in the future.
There is also the ability to remotely control the computer through the keylogger whenever there is an internet connection, it allows tracking in real time, it even can open the remote web cam, plus it keeps a record from everything done on the computer even the keyboard keystrokes plus that it is controllable even overseas.
There is also the phone spy from which you can monitor calls, messages, GPS locations and photos silently and this is very useful method for parents to see their children activity through Facebook, chatting, photos and messages to know with whom they are involved and by this way they can prevent harm or any unwanted danger without kids knowing this.

Today the reduced cost of surveillance techniques and technology has made it possible for both families as well as businesses

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Today the reduced cost of surveillance techniques and technology has made it possible for both families as well as businesses to easily monitor the activities of whoever they like. With increased competition, business try to maximize the productivity of their employees by monitoring their activities. Since most businesses use computers extensively, monitoring computer activity is a good indication of how busy a particular employee has been. Employee Activity Monitoring Software allows the organization to centrally monitor for how long each employee has been using their computer, the programs they have accessed and helps ensure that confidential information available is not misused.
In addition to employee monitoring software, keylogger software is used extensively by using the internet to track the computer activities like files opened, emails, FTP transfer for uploading and downloading files, take screenshots, the use of USB devices like pen drives on the computer. iMonitor phone spy has been devised to help parents ensure that their children do not get into trouble by spying on their phone activities such as SMSes, call records, photos and other content on the phone.

iMonitorSoft donated Employee Monitoring Software to Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities in Thailand (CCD)

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We are Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities (CCD) based near Bangkok, Thailand. I am a retired business man volunteering here for the last 6 years gradually building the IT support for this organization.

I am writing to ask if you could consider donating your Employee Monitoring software to assist in the monitoring of activities by user in the Kids Computer room and to monitor staff usage.

Whilst we have a hardware Firewall/Web filer (Fortigate) your Employee Monitoring software would be very helpful to assess user’s usage/bandwidth as the internet connection sometime becomes very slow. I could place massive restrictions across the board to prevent streaming etc. but this may be unwarranted in some cases. So if I can understand who is doing what and when, we can make better judgments and protect the children and staff and CCD from inappropriate actions.

We have been blessed with Software License Donations from Microsoft ( Win7 enterprise edition and MS Office) and from others such as Salesforce, Shadow Protect Backup, Manage Engine Desktop Central and other leading suppliers.

Because donors clearly wish their donation to go to the support of the Children we would be unable to purchase such professional software as yours to solve what might to seem to some a relatively unimportant issue. Therefore we would value your assistance.

With this system I can take over an employes computer controlling their mouse and keyboard

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Recently I tried out the iMonitor EAM ( computer monitoring software)and it was very useful for my company. We have over three hundred employees that work on the floor, using a computer. For these three hundred people we only have 12 floor supervisors so monitoring each employe was impossible to do at one time until I found the iMonitor EAM.
This let me monitor what was happening on a specific computer, in real time, and at anytime. I’m not always at the office to monitor everything personally but with the iMonitor EAM I can check in on my employees where ever I am. With the real time monitoring there’s no wait to see if someone is doing something that is hazardous to my business. It’s not just one computer that I can watch at a time but up to ten at once!
Not only is the iMonitor EAM perfect for monitoring but it can also be used to assist and or train an employee. With this system I can take over an employes computer controlling their mouse and keyboard. This is great for defending the company and assisting someone in need.
Even if I am off the clock the iMonitor EAM is not. If someone inserts a USB, copy a file, or put a file onto a USB the iMonitor EAM sends me an alert directly to my phone so I am aware of the situation as it is happening.
If you have the anywhere monitoring (which I do) you can log in and monitor what is happening from any computer. Whether you at home, at a friends house, at a relatives, anywhere. You will never be too far from your company and will be able to make sure that everything, and everyone is where they need to be.
The iMonitor EAM made my life so much easier and helped improve my business and made everything run smoother.Without this software I may not have caught an employee that was embezzling money, he would of gotten away with a quarter of a million dollars if it were not for iMonitor EAM.

Monitoring software for your Company!

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As a company you don’t always like to spy on your employees but there comes a time when you really need to know what they are doing in their working hours.
Our company discovered iMonitor EAM, an employee monitoring software that incredibly enabled us to track what our employees were up to on the internet.
We were so impressed with the program because it allowed us to monitor users on their computers, monitor activities from the internet. We can now see everything our employees are doing, anywhere and anytime with their computer, remote computer and even their work mobile spy.
We have found this program useful when employees are working away from the company, overseas or even from home. We can account for the exact amount of time they have worked and check it against their time sheet recordings and see if they are accurate.
We are able to view logs from any computer that we deploy with Anywhere Monitor on.
Plus, we can even open the remote camera and see their behaviour.
In this modern day and age when the internet is used so widely in the workplace we have found this to be very helpful.
We are able to check their emails, files, websites used for chat, facebook, twitter and even keystrokes used, screenshot applications, print jobs and more. What more does a company need to assist. Monitoring software in our company with iMonitor EAM has been remarkable and reasonably priced too.
We no longer lack control of our employees computers, with anywhere Monitor, anywhere mobile and employee activity monitor everything is covered.
With iMonitor EAM we have also been able to check that employees are not looking at child pornography, using online casino games / websites, sexually or otherwise harrassing any other work colleagues or any other illegal activities from their work computer.
As a company we highly recommend this product and encourage any business owner to make an investment in it. You will not look back.

A Large Problem in a Small Town Solved Thanks to iMonitor EAM!

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Parkers Account Management TeamLocation: USAEmployees: 10We are a small town accounting agency who handles many local businesses and their financial information.

I discovered iMonitor EAM (Employee Activity Monitor) after an employee leaked out information about the financial situation of a client. I am not a person who wants to snoop around with what others are doing but considering that a very important client was now upset that I had allowed his information to go public, I knew I had to do something. I could not imagine that the person who leaked out the information would admit to it if I asked.
So, I installed the iMonitor EAM onto the computers in my office. I was shocked at what I discovered. My intention was never to fire someone, I just wanted to know what was going on while my back was turned or I was discussing very private information with a client behind closed doors.
What I discovered was an employee who was gambling while at work and another who spent her time chatting over a messenger when she should have been working to put information into the computer system. Needless to say, I was not a happy person but I still did not know who had leaked out the information. Until the iMonitor EAM looked into one employees gmail account and discovered that he had typed in personal information to it.
I then confronted the few employees that I have and told them that I had installed the program and I was not fond of what I had found. I explained that what they do on their home computer is one thing but it was not to be done while in my office. I went on to explain that information they were suppose to put into the system was not meant for public knowledge and that if I heard any more stories from other clients about a leak from my office, it would be dealt with.
Since then there is more work getting done and so far no more private information has been leaked from within my office. In fact, the one incident that we did have which began the whole process has fixed itself and I have been congratulated by other clients for respecting their privacy as much as we do in my office.
The only thing I can say is, “Thank you for providing an employee monitor that works so well even in my small hometown office.”
Mobile phone spy software