Recently I tried out the iMonitor EAM ( computer monitoring software)and it was very useful for my company. We have over three hundred employees that work on the floor, using a computer. For these three hundred people we only have 12 floor supervisors so monitoring each employe was impossible to do at one time until I found the iMonitor EAM.
This let me monitor what was happening on a specific computer, in real time, and at anytime. I’m not always at the office to monitor everything personally but with the iMonitor EAM I can check in on my employees where ever I am. With the real time monitoring there’s no wait to see if someone is doing something that is hazardous to my business. It’s not just one computer that I can watch at a time but up to ten at once!
Not only is the iMonitor EAM perfect for monitoring but it can also be used to assist and or train an employee. With this system I can take over an employes computer controlling their mouse and keyboard. This is great for defending the company and assisting someone in need.
Even if I am off the clock the iMonitor EAM is not. If someone inserts a USB, copy a file, or put a file onto a USB the iMonitor EAM sends me an alert directly to my phone so I am aware of the situation as it is happening.
If you have the anywhere monitoring (which I do) you can log in and monitor what is happening from any computer. Whether you at home, at a friends house, at a relatives, anywhere. You will never be too far from your company and will be able to make sure that everything, and everyone is where they need to be.
The iMonitor EAM made my life so much easier and helped improve my business and made everything run smoother.Without this software I may not have caught an employee that was embezzling money, he would of gotten away with a quarter of a million dollars if it were not for iMonitor EAM.