In any company, it is important for office manager to know the different activities performed by their employees inside their office. However, it is not an easy job. Even if the manager stays in the office, he or she cannot completely monitor his or her employees. It is difficult for the supervisor to exactly know which employee is playing online games, which one is chatting on the Internet, and which one is really working. Besides, a good supervisor should know who start working on time.

Actually, monitoring the office employees is an ideal way to know whether they start working on time or use the computer only for working. Employee monitoring software and time tracking software are two of the most reliable and effective monitoring software. With these tools, the manager will know enough info to deal with the employees and the business.

The employee monitoring software enables office manager to be aware of the activities performed by their employees on their computers. With this tool, it is clear to understand whether or not the company employees are using their computer for other purposes or not. It keeps tracks of staff activities – when they surf the internet for non-working purposes, when they play online games, etc.  Even if the employees doubt that they are being spied and attempt to delete their records, the monitoring software can also record this.

With regard to time tracking software, it is used to understand whether or not employees go to work according to the office work schedule. The software user can check uncommon time-in and time-out activities. It can tell the supervisor who are late comers or who are absent.

With employee monitoring software and time tracking software, a supervisor or office manager is able to obtain enough information to evaluate the employees. Monitoring software not merely helps in detecting the lazy bones in the office, but it is also useful in rewarding those ones who work hard for the firm.