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Spouse cheating and kids internet monitoring issue

Posted on January 21st, 2010 in Power Keylogger | 8 Comments »

A story my colleague yesterday told me, not much special inside, only one thing today I want to discuss with everyone. Spouse cheating, about this, did it happen to you or sometimes it makes you worried or annoyed? At present society, since computers step into common life, spouse cheating issue has been more popular and concerned. In the past, spouse cheating would be easy to expose, most time using postal or telephone as contacting method. But now spouse cheating has changed over all the way, more cases have proved to us, spouse cheating has grabbed the last seat of internet train. All spouse cheating cases via internet has nothing physical thing to expose, like instant message and email, cheating spouse can delete all the record after it is done. It looks cheating could not be caught. Right? No, definitely no way. Quote one chinese saying ‘ While the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs ten ‘, spouse cheating also abide by this rule.
Now IMonitor Software Company is proud of present IMonitor Power Keylogger, which is designed for home user, all key features including below

  • Works in stealth mode, silently and smoothly.
  • Automatically captures screenshots of entire desktopĀ  at set intervals.
  • Log all typed keystrokes including login ID and password, with program window caption and time stamp.
  • Log all incoming and outgoing instant messages. It supports MSN (Windows Live Messenger) ,ICQ, AOL and Yahoo Messenger.
  • Log all emails read in Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003/2007, Microsoft Outlook Express 5/6, Windows Vista WinMail and Incredi Mail.
  • Log outgoing web mail (Yahoo mail, AOL Mail, and Hot mail).
  • Log all webpages opened in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Communicator, Netscape Browser, AOL Explorer Browser, Avant Browser, Maxthon, NetCaptor, SlimBrowser and any other web browsers.
  • Log application used history.
  • Easy to setup and use.
  • Export logs to HTML EXCEL format.
  • Send logging reports in text format to a pre-set email box .
  • Runs absolutely invisibly under Windows systems. Only people who have the password can close the program.

If you still concern more spouse cheating or doubt your half has something behind you, you should try Power Keylogger.

What the hell you need for local network?

Posted on January 19th, 2010 in EAM Professional Edition, EAM Standard Edition, Employee Monitoring | 9 Comments »

What should be inside local network? Maybe you thinking something like terminal server, data server and something else. But for now it is one more thing for IT department managers of company need be considered, local network monitoring issue, though most time it is safe for local network PCs, but what about internal potential threat? If you are considering that, network monitoring is definitely taken into serious position.

What benefits network monitoring would bring to you?

  • improve office efficiency within network monitoring
  • prevent data loss and sensitive files steal with network monitoring
  • easy to manage office software install and fix troubles with network monitoring
  • under network monitoring, Admin would be easy to control applications of agent client.

If above reasons has touched you, and then following thing you need consider is which network monitoring software should be suitable for you? According to different network monitor conditions, network monitoring software should including these key features real time, expert report and screenshot etc.

IMonitor Software Company now is proud to present EAM Products ( employee activities monitoring ), which is being designed for most network monitoring environment and satisfied with all your needs.

So if you care much about your network monitoring issue, why not give EAM a try?
Free trial version

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How important tracking employee activities in real time!

Posted on January 18th, 2010 in Employee Monitoring | 6 Comments »

Since 21 century, accompanying widely use of computer in office and home life, internet is more taken serious position in our lives. But now almost every business company has to face such this boring issue — according the latest investigation of New York Times, most staff in company has spent about 8 – 10 hours of office time a week on personal use, something like instant message chats, writing personal blog on facebook or twitter and online shopping. Maybe if just count one person, that seems a little waste for company, but if take whole company into account, the figure will really make anyone shock.

Tracking employee activities has been more taken care of by most companies managers. But the point is managers who being good at understanding and knowing how to track employee activities are not so many in most business company. Pointing to this issue, IMonitor Software Company has provided an easy and fully considered method for you — EAM Products, depending how large you company, Employee Activities Monitor Products has divided into professional and standard edition, which will be fitted with different network environment. Employee Activities Monitor Products are designed for dealing with above case, tracking what employee doing in real time, tracking and detecting any harmful activities employee has done in advance and stop it.

Employee Activities Monitor tracking the activities will be in real time and full stealth mode, that means all tracking and monitoring will be unnoticed by employee. And as well meaning no any interrupting message or tracking windows would show up when employee using computers. Above that, real time tracking is another key feature of EAM, real time tracking not only saving admins time, also make admins easy to control employee activities.

For now latest EAM v5.01 has been released, please visit our website and download free trial, try the best real time tracking software in the world.

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Terrible thing heard at this afternoon !!

Posted on January 13th, 2010 in Uncategorized | 13 Comments »

“Did you feel that, the earth is shaking a little bit.” my office colleague said to me when I came into my office.” No joking man, did you drug something? ” I reply to him with a cunning smile. Just thinking it would be a joke between office colleague, but when I turned on my computer and point to New York Times website, and I realized all that is damn true. The real earthquake has happened in Haiti capital.

“The quake, which struck about 15km (10 miles) south-west of Port-au-Prince, was quickly followed by two strong aftershocks of 5.9 and 5.5 magnitude. The tremor hit at 1653 (2153 GMT), the US Geological Survey said. Phone lines to the country failed shortly afterward.” quoting from BBC news.

“Haiti sits on a large fault that has caused catastrophic quakes in the past, but this one was described as among the most powerful to hit the region. With many poor residents living in tin-roof shacks that sit precariously on steep ravines and with much of the construction in Port-au-Prince and elsewhere in the country of questionable quality, the expectation was that the quake caused major damage to buildings and significant loss of life.” quoting from New York Times.

Sounds really terrible, until now according to latest news, there are more than one thousand people who have been confirmed dead. And even worse, in many undiscovered wrecked area, estimating it would be more people dead.

And our company now has decided donated some funds to red-cross international organization and encourage all the staffs donate by personal name. Though it is not a big help, still hope this would be in time.

Please be in peace in heaven.

Being support staff, feeling a little tired!

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Why saying this today? The reason is sometime I wonder to know when customer is not satisfied with some kind of product or service, he or she can make some complaints to sales or support staff, but what about us? Being support staff, when I meet such case, though sometime I fully clear it is all not my or our company fault, only one thing I can do is just listening and saying sorry! what pathetic toy! Every time after complaints are filled with my mind and my body, always make me low down and in bad mood, and want to find an innocent “sheep”. Bad for them and bad for me.

Most time feeling some customers complaints or requirements are really ridiculous and making me shut my mouth, everything has been demonstrated or explained on our website, why not spend a little time to find out by themselves? Our website team always updates latest and faqs to website, but now thinking that is really not worth of it. Nobody cares or visited for help or more information, only they do is directly asking for help, yes, I know that would be a fast and easy way for them. But who cares our thoughts and feeling. Tired, though it is a little.

Anyway no matter how much I want to complain, still job is job, you can’t say no if you still being the position.

How Much I Still Need to Learn ?

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Time has passed much faster than I thought since Oct last year. Before I entered IMonitor Software company, some friends had told me it would a hard time for me at the beginning, but who care? Thinking everyone would have same feeling with me when you are ready to engage one new job. Anyway the fact is what my all friends said is coming true. Really hard and tortured time from my job starting, so many things I don’t know and even worse is more things I never heard of. Until now still remember the first time my manager called me in, before entered his office, my mind and body has prepared to face some blame and mean words, but really not being ready to face all the cheering up and encouraging words. Thanks, Kevin, it is you let me feel warm and not disappointed myself again and again. Also after getting out of manager office, one thing I definitely confirmed, learning is a long road no matter how long you have worked and how much experience you have.

But the point is how much I still need to learn?
It is not a “who want to be a millionare” question, but still find hard to answer. Though I have learned much more than I can suffer, it is still not enough, being in such company, I find studying would be anywhere, sometime it seems I have been back my university time. Pushing is coming from myself, but also from my heart eager to knowledge.

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