Time has passed much faster than I thought since Oct last year. Before I entered IMonitor Software company, some friends had told me it would a hard time for me at the beginning, but who care? Thinking everyone would have same feeling with me when you are ready to engage one new job. Anyway the fact is what my all friends said is coming true. Really hard and tortured time from my job starting, so many things I don’t know and even worse is more things I never heard of. Until now still remember the first time my manager called me in, before entered his office, my mind and body has prepared to face some blame and mean words, but really not being ready to face all the cheering up and encouraging words. Thanks, Kevin, it is you let me feel warm and not disappointed myself again and again. Also after getting out of manager office, one thing I definitely confirmed, learning is a long road no matter how long you have worked and how much experience you have.

But the point is how much I still need to learn?
It is not a “who want to be a millionare” question, but still find hard to answer. Though I have learned much more than I can suffer, it is still not enough, being in such company, I find studying would be anywhere, sometime it seems I have been back my university time. Pushing is coming from myself, but also from my heart eager to knowledge.

IMonitor Software Company