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Necessary to control internet abuse of business

Posted on May 28th, 2010 in Computer and Internet monitoring, EAM Professional Edition, EAM Standard Edition, Employee Monitoring | 11 Comments »

Preseantly most businesse will consider the pros and cons of hooking their employees up to the internet, since more and more issues of internet abuse have been occured so often in office. Currently the time of internet abuse which nearly 60% employees of business spend on has been on the rise leading to computer-related firings and a growing climate of corporate misunderstanding and mistrust.

Business internet abuse includes many aspects, such as accessing pornography, chatting, gaming, society network, investing and online shopping, employees turn their working time into private time, which is definitely abusing the original purpose of internet, and reducing business productivity. The latest survey from some global businesses shows a rise in the number of wrongful termination suits based upon an employer’s inability to support accusations of Internet abuse in place.

Maximally preventing and elimating the time of employees internet abuse, it has been put on the top position of business executives
schedule. Monitoring and controlling employees internet abuse and non-related internet activities, it is really be a shortcut to boost employee productivity. As a network administrator, being wise to choose a proper internet abuse monitoring and controlling software is really necessary. Such preventing internet abuse software not only enable to completely monitor internet activities but also make sure it will provide a comprehensive and detailed report.

IMonitor EAM software, according to accumulation of years and customers feedback, has focused upon the issue of internet abuse monitoring since the beginning of software project. IMonitor EAM features monitor all ineternet abused activities, like adult materials, gaming, personal email, P2P, Facebook, MySpace and more. And as possible as it can, providing an easy way ensures a good office network environment.

Why use IMonitor EAM

* Increase productivity by managing your employees’ web browsing habits
* Protect the network from dangerous downloads in real-time
* Reduce cyberslacking – time wasted by employees online
* Effectively enforce an Internet Usage Policy
* Prevent data leakage through socially-engineered websites

IMonitor EAM key features

* Keep a detail record of each web surfing and web posting.
* Record all email content and attachment.
* Monitor and capture instance messengers’ chat contents and activities.
* Monitor and capture files transferred by web, ftp and IM tools.
* Allow specific application to run.
* Filter certain websites by using keyword and block certain websites.

Ultimately Simply File Access Monitor Software

Posted on May 6th, 2010 in Uncategorized | 11 Comments »

Accompany global marketing age has come, more and more businesses are becoming painfully aware that not all sensitive information is being stolen by plenty of outsiders, most time business information will be accessed and leaked by the insiders in internal company.  The insiders are the biggest threat.

Unlike the past, present portable storage device and internet has brought much benefit to us, and also in the meantime dangerous threats have been taken up to surface. Most computer users, most time only need a few simple steps or even just one click of send button will send most secret files to anywhere in the world. Such behaviors are really let IT physicians be in headache, the reason is after computer users have done these dirty work, IT physician can’t find any trace which can discover file accessed.

Information leakage is a bit like picking up a handful of dry sand. Stopping it slipping through fingers will be hard to avoid. And file access monitor software is just like the last covers which will advance prevent or stop sensitive files being leaked. File activities monitor not only can real-time spy all important files accessed status like file copy, move, delete and rename, but also can record when, who and what applications already file being accessed. And the logs generated by file access monitor software will be saved on local computer or sent to remote server or even sent to specific email address.

Sensitive files protection like monitoring file status, notifying administrators what have been changed with specific files, has been one efficient method to avoid information leakage in most large business.  According to current business requirement, IMonitor File Access Monitor provides an ultimately simple solution for business environment.

Key features of IMonitor File Access Monitor including

  • Messages Alert — A simple message box that displays monitor findings. These message boxes are smart: if there are many pending alerts you can easily dismiss them all at once.
  • Support Email Logs to Specific Email Address — Logs can be sent to specific email address, no matter where you are and when you login in, it is easy to review all the logs.
  • Generate Files Accessed Logs — Log the findings of any triggered monitor to a file. Separate files can be created for each day, week, month, etc.
  • Support Multiple Format export — Logs can be exported in most common formats like Microsoft Word, Excel and Html in order to review conveniently later.
  • Configuration Security — Password protect IMonitor File Access Monitor, only the person knowing password can modify setting of IMonitor File Access Monitor.
  • Easy and Friendly User Interface — Clear program interface, let users master and understand the program in 10 mins.
  • Simple and Quick Installation — Takes less than 1 minutes to install and get a default installation customized for your system.

One of the most effective ways of preventing or significantly reducing information leakage is to adopt a proper tool to deal with the documents containing information that you need to control.  And now IMonitor File Access Monitor is just what your need.