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Why you have to install employee monitoring software

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I can not install a firewall, you can not install antivirus software, but I have to install computer monitoring software easy to control the king … “feature in our software, employee productivity has been low for employees, flying single issues such as headaches of a foreign company Zhang, immediately decided his headquarters and two offices have been installed computer monitoring software easy to control the king, after his company installed all the staff are well aware of the state, employee monitoring at any time as needed to make timely adjustments to work arrangements greatly improve the efficiency of staff, bid farewell to the disclosure, one of the troubled flight, he said, not without emotion: “In the past you want to understand the working conditions of employees, managers must also be a meeting of the unified reporting, and it does not must be employees of the real situation, the staff is difficult to have a thorough understanding of work can only rely on their own judgments, low accuracy, low staff productivity will directly affect the company’s growth rate. Even some employees out of confidential information the company can be sold to competitors, or to corporate clients with a single to do, directly affects the company’s survival!

Email security become more important in companies

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United States, Europe and Australia business is very concerned about potential legal risks, so they began to hire more full-time staff to read employees’ e-mail, IMonitor Software.

Their findings may surprise you.

E-mail security and policy software vendor Proofpoint commissioned Forrester Consulting conducted an online survey company, survey, surveyed in the 301, and employs more than 1,000 companies, 29 percent of the company to read or to use other methods of analysis Check the e-mails; 38% of the business to business e-mail sent to regular inspections. 15% of enterprises have employees or part-time reading specialist corporate e-mails, or other methods for analysis of these e-mail checking.

In the more than 20,000 employees of U.S. companies, 41 percent of the company e-mails to read checks.

This trend seems to be more robust in the UK, participated in the survey of 32 enterprises, 38 percent of employees to analyze and read the e-mail, 53 percent of the company sent e-mail content will be regularly inspected.

These companies worried about? 424 global companies surveyed, 30% said adult, obscene or potentially offensive content is sent an e-mail most business concern in content. Proprietary or confidential business information in second place, 26 percent of those surveyed think that is the key. See Table I.

Table One: Enterprise for the issue of most concern to the e-mail, and employee monitoring software is the best solution now.

Staff management companies want to use e-mails, they are seeking technology (technology type unknown) with the help of: in a survey of 301 enterprises, more than 20 percent of companies have used the technical means to monitor the messages sent within the enterprise to check if it contains personal health data, personal data or other financial information, and web mail content in question.

Ironically, in the U.S. companies surveyed, only 15% said they had used the technology to check whether the leaked e-mails in the company’s intellectual property. But 30 percent of companies have used content-based encryption technology to protect e-mails.

If you work for a survey company, and use their e-mail in violation of the provisions may be wary: The survey of 301 U.S. companies, 44 percent of companies surveyed last year, and the confidential e-mail information leak, 51% of the enterprises in the same period of time for violating e-mail to the staff regulations of education; 15% of companies fired over the relevant employees.

Britain’s situation is even more severe: in the UK with 32 companies were surveyed, of which 78% of companies report there have been violations of employees use e-mail

Some employees work at the time, but some employees are abusing your trust

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Some employees work at the time, some employees are abusing the trust you give him, to work to play games, chat with Yahoo Messenger and MSN, browsing porn sites and job sites, watch movies, employee monitoring software, download movies or MP3, resulting in local area network and human resources a great waste. Professional survey: office Internet, 90% time to do is nothing to do with the work; survey also showed that pornographic Web sites and job sites 80% of browsing time in working hours. Clients can record all open windows, running programs, record visit all the URL? Users can record copy, paste, delete files, insert the USB record information to the database? Can not limit the QQ, restrict chat software or run some game software? Can monitor and record employee’s upload and download traffic? Can not control the Internet Monitoring, can limit access in some time? Can not disable the USB device to prevent information leakage, information leakage and security risk? Can not ban the game? Can set the computer can only run with computer monitoring software? Can only allow access to work-related website? Can monitor and recorder machine to send messages? Can monitor the QQ, MSN, Windows Live Messenger, Live Messenger, flying letters and other chat content? Staff can not force a backup machine useful work documents? Can on-screen history of the screen recorder? WorkWin management experts to provide you with unique solutions to the world, you will be surprised to find that everything is so simple, practical and enjoyable. According to Ministry of Public Security, “provides Internet security protection technology measures” clause 8 states: “Internet access unit should be able to record and retain users of the Internet and internal network address Network Address correspondence; records, tracking network running status, monitoring, recording and other security network security event auditing functions. “Article XIII:” Internet service providers and networking using the unit in accordance with the provisions of technical measures to implement the records retention should be kept for at least sixty days with a record of the backup function. “companies workplace installation, deployment, use of monitoring software is the legal framework.

IMonitor EAM help employer to find who leaked the company’s secrets

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“Business will come to monitor the human and material resources are not employees of the chat history in order to inquire about the privacy of employees, but sometimes the operation of enterprises in the process must do so. ” a company manager, Kim said. He told the author, in fact, his company had been monitoring employees chat thing. Kim found himself once the company’s customers report even public sale on Taobao, he was surprised afterwards, can not find who leaked the company’s secrets. By chance, he found the company lot of people pass information on MSN, so he asked knowledgeable people checked their machines, things really are in the process of data on broken by hackers, password, and then passed the Internet sold Counterparts. Fund Manager believes that a company of their own office computer monitor, is the legitimate exercise of the right of way of enterprise management. If the company has clearly defined working hours employees can not chat chat private matter, and the company has clearly told employees the company to install the monitoring facilities, in this case, the company through employee monitoring software to monitor employee computer usage, including View employee’s net chat records.

Use IMonitor EAM to protect corporate intellectual property rights

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Employee Activity Monitor can help you round all the computers to monitor employee behavior, protect corporate intellectual property rights. You just sit in the office used to tap the mouse to understand the working status of employees

Employee Monitoring software main features include:

* the client is running in hidden mode, a small memory footprint, CPU occupation of basic to 0, no third-party plug-ins completely independent intellectual property rights.

* Support for multiple computers simultaneously monitor, operation is extremely simple, the basic need training.

* Record all the files on the computer staff operations. Such as copy files, delete files, create files, open the file, the file is to the U disk, and other baking.

Companies will be at big risk if they do not monitor employee’s computer and online activities.

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Actually,companies will be at big risk if they do not monitor employee’s computer and online activities.

Unseemely web surfing, hostility emails and worse can lead to costly lawsuits ranging from hostile work environments to sexual harassment cases – not to mention losses resulting from trade secret theft.

Did you know:

27% of businesses monitor employees’ computers?

Employers have found one of the best ways to protect themselves against misuse of company networks is to monitor employee computer use. This means that many companies are starting to hire CIOs whose sole mission is to monitor employee computer, chats and Internet use.

Not all Chief Information Officers are entirely comfortable with monitoring employee electronic communications, especially if a worker is also a friend, but it’s become a necessity in today’s digital world.

IMonitor EAM reports that workplace computer monitoring has become standard practice. More than three-fourths of businesses monitor employees’ computers. That’s a 27% increase since 2001. And 65% of organizations use Internet filter software to block websites.

Companies vary as to how strict they are when it comes to blocking the Internet. Some employers use content filtering to block adult sites, gambling and violent materials. Other companies block Internet use completely and believe that employees should never use the Internet at work.

The degree of Internet filtering often depends on one’s job duties. Employees doing research need full access to the web, but front-line employees may not need online access on the job.

In an ideal world, employees would show common sense when given access to the Internet at work. But the reality of on-the-job Internet use is less than perfect. One CIO found that 5% of employees visited sites that were completely inappropriate, and 20% looked at sites that were questionable.

The bottom line is, the best insurance against cyber mishaps is to explicitly communicate a clear company policy on computer usage backed up by computer surveillance software.

A word of caution to employers: use Internet filtering that’s suitable for the employees in question. According to Manny Avramidid, Senior Vice President for Global Resources at American Management Association, Internet surfing for highly skilled or hard-to-find employees is a perk. So while monitoring employee computer use is standard practice, over zealous employee Internet blocking may not always be in a company’s best interest if keeping employees happy is a priority.

IMonitor employee monitoring software solves this problem because it gives employers the power to use website filtering as much or as little as they choose. Even if Internet blocking isn’t activated, all computer activity is recorded. Screenshots are taken when questionable activities occur all the recorded data is organized so that companies don’t have to spend a lot of time searching through harmless employee files.

Monitoring employee computers doesn’t have to be complex, and easy-to-use monitoring software like IMonitor is an excellent way for companies to protect themselves.