Some employees work at the time, some employees are abusing the trust you give him, to work to play games, chat with Yahoo Messenger and MSN, browsing porn sites and job sites, watch movies, employee monitoring software, download movies or MP3, resulting in local area network and human resources a great waste. Professional survey: office Internet, 90% time to do is nothing to do with the work; survey also showed that pornographic Web sites and job sites 80% of browsing time in working hours. Clients can record all open windows, running programs, record visit all the URL? Users can record copy, paste, delete files, insert the USB record information to the database? Can not limit the QQ, restrict chat software or run some game software? Can monitor and record employee’s upload and download traffic? Can not control the Internet Monitoring, can limit access in some time? Can not disable the USB device to prevent information leakage, information leakage and security risk? Can not ban the game? Can set the computer can only run with computer monitoring software? Can only allow access to work-related website? Can monitor and recorder machine to send messages? Can monitor the QQ, MSN, Windows Live Messenger, Live Messenger, flying letters and other chat content? Staff can not force a backup machine useful work documents? Can on-screen history of the screen recorder? WorkWin management experts to provide you with unique solutions to the world, you will be surprised to find that everything is so simple, practical and enjoyable. According to Ministry of Public Security, “provides Internet security protection technology measures” clause 8 states: “Internet access unit should be able to record and retain users of the Internet and internal network address Network Address correspondence; records, tracking network running status, monitoring, recording and other security network security event auditing functions. “Article XIII:” Internet service providers and networking using the unit in accordance with the provisions of technical measures to implement the records retention should be kept for at least sixty days with a record of the backup function. “companies workplace installation, deployment, use of monitoring software is the legal framework.