“Business will come to monitor the human and material resources are not employees of the chat history in order to inquire about the privacy of employees, but sometimes the operation of enterprises in the process must do so. ” a company manager, Kim said. He told the author, in fact, his company had been monitoring employees chat thing. Kim found himself once the company’s customers report even public sale on Taobao, he was surprised afterwards, can not find who leaked the company’s secrets. By chance, he found the company lot of people pass information on MSN, so he asked knowledgeable people checked their machines, things really are in the process of data on broken by hackers, password, and then passed the Internet sold Counterparts. Fund Manager believes that a company of their own office computer monitor, is the legitimate exercise of the right of way of enterprise management. If the company has clearly defined working hours employees can not chat chat private matter, and the company has clearly told employees the company to install the monitoring facilities, in this case, the company through employee monitoring software to monitor employee computer usage, including View employee’s net chat records.