I can not install a firewall, you can not install antivirus software, but I have to install computer monitoring software easy to control the king … “feature in our software, employee productivity has been low for employees, flying single issues such as headaches of a foreign company Zhang, immediately decided his headquarters and two offices have been installed computer monitoring software easy to control the king, after his company installed all the staff are well aware of the state, employee monitoring at any time as needed to make timely adjustments to work arrangements greatly improve the efficiency of staff, bid farewell to the disclosure, one of the troubled flight, he said, not without emotion: “In the past you want to understand the working conditions of employees, managers must also be a meeting of the unified reporting, and it does not must be employees of the real situation, the staff is difficult to have a thorough understanding of work can only rely on their own judgments, low accuracy, low staff productivity will directly affect the company’s growth rate. Even some employees out of confidential information the company can be sold to competitors, or to corporate clients with a single to do, directly affects the company’s survival!