Why saying this today? The reason is sometime I wonder to know when customer is not satisfied with some kind of product or service, he or she can make some complaints to sales or support staff, but what about us? Being support staff, when I meet such case, though sometime I fully clear it is all not my or our company fault, only one thing I can do is just listening and saying sorry! what pathetic toy! Every time after complaints are filled with my mind and my body, always make me low down and in bad mood, and want to find an innocent “sheep”. Bad for them and bad for me.

Most time feeling some customers complaints or requirements are really ridiculous and making me shut my mouth, everything has been demonstrated or explained on our website, why not spend a little time to find out by themselves? Our website team always updates latest and faqs to website, but now thinking that is really not worth of it. Nobody cares or visited for help or more information, only they do is directly asking for help, yes, I know that would be a fast and easy way for them. But who cares our thoughts and feeling. Tired, though it is a little.

Anyway no matter how much I want to complain, still job is job, you can’t say no if you still being the position.