Since 21 century, accompanying widely use of computer in office and home life, internet is more taken serious position in our lives. But now almost every business company has to face such this boring issue — according the latest investigation of New York Times, most staff in company has spent about 8 – 10 hours of office time a week on personal use, something like instant message chats, writing personal blog on facebook or twitter and online shopping. Maybe if just count one person, that seems a little waste for company, but if take whole company into account, the figure will really make anyone shock.

Tracking employee activities has been more taken care of by most companies managers. But the point is managers who being good at understanding and knowing how to track employee activities are not so many in most business company. Pointing to this issue, IMonitor Software Company has provided an easy and fully considered method for you — EAM Products, depending how large you company, Employee Activities Monitor Products has divided into professional and standard edition, which will be fitted with different network environment. Employee Activities Monitor Products are designed for dealing with above case, tracking what employee doing in real time, tracking and detecting any harmful activities employee has done in advance and stop it.

Employee Activities Monitor tracking the activities will be in real time and full stealth mode, that means all tracking and monitoring will be unnoticed by employee. And as well meaning no any interrupting message or tracking windows would show up when employee using computers. Above that, real time tracking is another key feature of EAM, real time tracking not only saving admins time, also make admins easy to control employee activities.

For now latest EAM v5.01 has been released, please visit our website and download free trial, try the best real time tracking software in the world.

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