As a company you don’t always like to spy on your employees but there comes a time when you really need to know what they are doing in their working hours.
Our company discovered iMonitor EAM, an employee monitoring software that incredibly enabled us to track what our employees were up to on the internet.
We were so impressed with the program because it allowed us to monitor users on their computers, monitor activities from the internet. We can now see everything our employees are doing, anywhere and anytime with their computer, remote computer and even their work mobile spy.
We have found this program useful when employees are working away from the company, overseas or even from home. We can account for the exact amount of time they have worked and check it against their time sheet recordings and see if they are accurate.
We are able to view logs from any computer that we deploy with Anywhere Monitor on.
Plus, we can even open the remote camera and see their behaviour.
In this modern day and age when the internet is used so widely in the workplace we have found this to be very helpful.
We are able to check their emails, files, websites used for chat, facebook, twitter and even keystrokes used, screenshot applications, print jobs and more. What more does a company need to assist. Monitoring software in our company with iMonitor EAM has been remarkable and reasonably priced too.
We no longer lack control of our employees computers, with anywhere Monitor, anywhere mobile and employee activity monitor everything is covered.
With iMonitor EAM we have also been able to check that employees are not looking at child pornography, using online casino games / websites, sexually or otherwise harrassing any other work colleagues or any other illegal activities from their work computer.
As a company we highly recommend this product and encourage any business owner to make an investment in it. You will not look back.