Today the reduced cost of surveillance techniques and technology has made it possible for both families as well as businesses to easily monitor the activities of whoever they like. With increased competition, business try to maximize the productivity of their employees by monitoring their activities. Since most businesses use computers extensively, monitoring computer activity is a good indication of how busy a particular employee has been. Employee Activity Monitoring Software allows the organization to centrally monitor for how long each employee has been using their computer, the programs they have accessed and helps ensure that confidential information available is not misused.
In addition to employee monitoring software, keylogger software is used extensively by using the internet to track the computer activities like files opened, emails, FTP transfer for uploading and downloading files, take screenshots, the use of USB devices like pen drives on the computer. iMonitor phone spy has been devised to help parents ensure that their children do not get into trouble by spying on their phone activities such as SMSes, call records, photos and other content on the phone.