Do you feel helpless every time you check out the amount of time your employees spend on the computer and internet as compared to time spent on doing productive work? You do not have to feel this way anymore. IMonitor EAM software is a powerful tool that will assist you to take control of the situation and make your employees refocus their attention on the company’s productivity. With IMonitor EAM you can monitor your employees’ computer and internet activities secretly. Real-time and keyword alerts will enable you to get hold of leaking confidential information and unauthorized use of company names and logos. The use of screenshots will produce small compressed pictures of activities that took place in your absence. Any modifications on company documents such as renaming, deletions, copy-pasting or even creation of new documents will be tracked. You can use the EAM server to manage both hardware and software devices by storing information in a centralized database as well as installing new software and doing away with unwanted ones.

Most internet activities if left unchecked will cost your business huge amounts of wasted resources, time being the biggest victim. IMonitor EAM, the leading employee monitoring software, will instantly assist you draw a middle line between time-conscious and time-wasting employees. Through its ability to control and restrict remote computer internet explorer browsing and network access, it will keep track of misused online applications by some employees such as; chat and instant messaging, playing online games, watching videos, listening to music, and writing personal emails as opposed to performing their duties. You can take full control of your business today by using this computer monitoring software and mobile phone spy software to control your employees’ internet and computer activities. Not only will it guarantee you high quality employee productivity and efficiency, but you will also get value for your money.