We are Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities (CCD) based near Bangkok, Thailand. I am a retired business man volunteering here for the last 6 years gradually building the IT support for this organization.

I am writing to ask if you could consider donating your Employee Monitoring software to assist in the monitoring of activities by user in the Kids Computer room and to monitor staff usage.

Whilst we have a hardware Firewall/Web filer (Fortigate) your Employee Monitoring software would be very helpful to assess user’s usage/bandwidth as the internet connection sometime becomes very slow. I could place massive restrictions across the board to prevent streaming etc. but this may be unwarranted in some cases. So if I can understand who is doing what and when, we can make better judgments and protect the children and staff and CCD from inappropriate actions.

We have been blessed with Software License Donations from Microsoft ( Win7 enterprise edition and MS Office) and from others such as Salesforce, Shadow Protect Backup, Manage Engine Desktop Central and other leading suppliers.

Because donors clearly wish their donation to go to the support of the Children we would be unable to purchase such professional software as yours to solve what might to seem to some a relatively unimportant issue. Therefore we would value your assistance.