To whom it may concern,
Good day. We have briefly reviewed your website and we are interested in the monitoring software provided by your company.

As these monitoring services are usually separated by their functions such as mobile devices, desktop devices and key-loggers, if say we should subscribe to all these services, will it be accessible from a single view? Or will we need to have separate accounts for each type of service?

Our next biggest concern is the communication and storage of the monitored data. Is the data being communicated to the server secured? What security measures is being placed for the communication? How are these information being stored? Are they encrypted? If so, what encryption is being used? Can these data be extracted from a third party via legal means or otherwise?

As my company deals with highly sensitive data, we would instead prefer to have the monitoring server to be located remotely with us. Meaning all data will be immediately routed to our server, thus effectively eliminating network bottleneck of traversing the globe. More importantly, this setup will also ensure the peace of mind that the data is secured within our company with all the necessary security protocols in place.

With all that said, since the monitoring software is developed internally, will it be possible for your kind self to customise the software to accommodate our needs? We are looking to acquire 15 to 50 licenses to monitor all of our company’s mobile and desktop assets.

We are looking forward to your kind and swift reply.
Or if you would rather, you can call me anytime. It would be best if I could speak directly to your development/technical team before finalising any quote with your sales team.