Printer is a more necessary equipment for office. Without printer, no office could work efficiently and smoothly. For middle or large business company, daily printing task would be very large. And the larger task are the related costs on paper, ink, additional equipment, and more important is some staffs maybe print some confidential documents for bad purposes. As to this point, Print Job Monitor is a “well-designed” kind of program that actually saves you money, instead of wasting it, by lowering your printing costs and preventing confidential documents leaking. How does it work? Because Print Job Monitor can track each document printed and log a database of all printing activity. Using Print Job Monitor can be easy to identify any employees who overuse or abuse company printers. When customers find some documents have been printed more than what customer’s needs or identify some confidential documents have been printed without a permission, customers can stop this print task in no time. No matter how large business company, resources wasting and confidential data leaking would be fatal. Now after testing and fixing bugs over and over again, Print Job Monitor has been an ‘nearly perfect’ tool comparing to other simulated ones. Exactly precise and stronger stability always would be concerned by IMonitor programmers, just like we always said ‘We worry about what customers worried’.