IMonitor EAM needs your help to get better. We really want to know what our customers need. Our dream is to make the most satisfactory software for our customers. We would be very glad if you could give us your feedback. Please kindly advise which is the feature you want most to be added in EAM.

A. Number of keystrokes for each application. e.g. to monitor how many keystrokes an employee accomplished in Microsoft Word.
B. White list for specific web sites.
C. Monitoring of specified folder. Whenever the folder is accessed, take a screenshot and log this action.
D. Record how much time user spent on each web page.
E. Automatic evasion of antivirus.
F. Sub grade under department.
G. Record comment text submitted on web sites.
H. Send mail file attachment to the server PC.
I. Prevent specified documents from being printed.
J. Send file to all client computers at one time.
K. Other.