monitoring over internet
Understandings that exist in relation to computer systems in case of internet and emails, when necessary to perform job-related employee activities may be monitored. And this understanding is based on the equipment and software belong to the employer.

“As the equipment and software is owned by the company, any loss generated by access to certain sites is the responsibility of the employer admits to ban undesirable or distinct accesses the necessity of work.”

“In the case of the owner claimed to be the provider, it is up to him track or not computers in his company, especially when they are provided to employees for work. From the moment that a question arises misuse of e-mail, for a certain group, this issue can only be sorted out by tracking of provider. And the company could track all email addresses, because there would be no privacy to be preserved, since the e-mail could not be used for private purposes.”

The following are the most frequent reasons for the employer to monitor the computer use of employees:

a) ascertain whether the employee is being unproductive: mails addressed by a single employee or multiple recipients with the subject line” re “or” fw “may indicate that the employee is wasting time and unduly burdening the enterprise system with redirecting inappropriate conversations or jokes;

b) examine whether there receiving / sending emails containing attachments of type “exe”, which, among others, may contain viruses or programs without a license, and overload the network or the company;

c) ascertain whether the employee is visiting unsafe sites and sites that have no relation with their work or dowloading improperly licensed programs;

d) verify that the employee wants to leave the company (emails with the subject line “Curriculum Vitae”, for example):

e) ascertain whether mails containing “confidential” designation or “proprietary” contains improper disclosure of confidential information of the company. ”

Taking into consideration the above paragraphs, it is guided that employers may adopt some procedures, such as:

a) the employee must inform the employee about the monitoring of computers;

b) the employee must be aware of the sites can be accessed;

e) the employer may also adopt access control programs, which will restrict the access only to the sites related to job;

d) among others.