The security of the company’s documentation is a very important part, especially for the development department. If the office computer crush suddenly, most user will lost the computes flies, this is a serious problem;The other case is if the user want to recover the previous files, but it has been overwritten or deleted. So, it’s good for you if the company can back up all the computer files.


We suggest you to use iMonitor EAM, beside the file back up, you can also monitor employee computer activity, record all the thing from the agent computer start until tun off, the monitored logs including screen-shots, chat records, file records, Internet records, keylogger, and file transfers.

Meantime, you can set website filter, application filter, prevent the employee from visiting entertainment web pages and software during working hours, block file transfer, block USB device to ensure all the files do not leakage.

Documents that need to be sent out need to be approved by the management terminal before they can be sent out normally, so that the safety of company files can be effectively guaranteed.

The employee activity monitoring software iMonitor EAM can realize the above-mentioned functions. iMonitor EAM is composed of three programs, server program, console program and agent program.

Server program is for storing data and should be installed on a computer as server.

Console program is for logging in console panel to connect server and start monitoring.

Agent program should be installed on employee’s computer. The agent program will work in totally stealth mode, no pop-up window,no item in add/remove programs, no item in Windows start-up menu, no any notifications,no icon in the task-bar and desktop and can not be ended by the user. The path for installing and saving data is also hidden, which will not affect the normal work of employees.

The employee computer monitoring software iMonitor EAM supports the use of major companies, education departments, government departments, schools and other places. iMonitor EAM can enable automatic backup and upload the latest data to the server in real time.For more information, please visit our site