How to improve employee work efficiency? According to the survey, most employees process their private affairs during work time. Watching videos, chatting, online shopping, etc.
Firstly, when employees watch videos, it will inevitably greatly affect their work efficiency; meantime it will take up a lot of bandwidth and affect the network speed of the entire enterprise. Although many companies are trying to impose restrictions on this kind of behavioral, but effects are not obvious. This makes employees have the fluke mind. It’s a headache for all company management.

Therefore, although many companies clearly stipulate that they should not engage in non-work-related behaviors during work, they are often in vain and lack effective supervision and enforcement of employees’ uncontrolled online behavior.
Improving employee work efficiency and improving the company’s network environment are major issues faced by every enterprise. How to improve the staff’s office efficiency? Let’s first take a look at what employees are doing when they are online.
They play video games, shopping online, visit prohibited sites or applications, Copy and send company files to the competitor


How to improve the staff’s office efficiency? Let’s see what iMonitorSoft can do:
After the agent deployed, the manager can observe all the employee computers activity through the EAM console, and watching their every move.

With iMonitorSoft user activity monitoring software, we can block the website and application, get the website history, Chat conversation monitoring, email monitoring, USB device management. That will help us improve the company work efficiency.
The overall goal of iMonitorSoft is to prevent employees from leaking secrets through the network in various ways, and to achieve management and monitoring goals.
Without authorization, it is not allowed to distribute documents in various ways, not to use the Internet to do things that should not be done, and to be able to record the content of network transactions.