Monitoring pc – See how simple it is to monitor all the activities done on your computer from websites accessed until full monitoring of Facebook. This tactic is very useful for husbands / wives, parents, or business owners, where you can monitor, quite effectively, whatever the partner (a), the children, or employees are doing on the computer.

There are several excellent programs on the market for monitoring networks and computers, the choice of program will depend on several factors. In this article, we will use iMonitor EAM.

The program “iMonitor EAM”  offers many  posibilities, they are:

1. Monitoring of Facebook : you can monitor chats, profiles of users who have accessed the machine, the Facebook photos of the screens;

2. Keystrokes : the pc monitoring program , will monitor all keys that were pressed,  and in any field that they were being typed;

3. sites accessed : the pc monitoring will also check all the sites that were accessed, giving far superior results than your browser history;

4. Screen capture:  The program takes in 5 Minutes a photo of the computer screen, thus giving a real idea of what the person is doing with the computer, this time can be changed.

5. Online Surveys : The monitoring program also monitors all the research being done on internet sites, this is good, for example, to know what a teen is interested, it is getting involved in something he should not.

6. Alerts keywords : this is a super powerful function of the monitoring program pc (Net Spy Pro), which sends an alert in your email every time a particular keyword is typed, no matter what program or site this was typed, which indicates whether a person has any inappropriate behavior.