Financial companies are one of the enterprises facing the most threats and security risks. More than half of the financial industry will be in bankruptcy due to information security issues. The leakage of important information makes them unable to survive the competition. Have you ever wondered why some companies never have information leakage problems?


After investigation, the confidential information was maliciously transmitted by employees or stolen by competitors, which caused the company to be threatened. However, some enterprise do not need to be frightened about this, knowing from their introduction that iMonitor employee activity monitoring software is their secret weapon. So, what powerful functions does it have?


From the employee’s point of view, their computers are legally monitored during working hours. The agent program will work in totally stealth mode, no pop-up window, no item in add/remove programs, no item in Windows start-up menu, no any notifications, no icon in the task-bar and desktop and can not be ended by the user. Due to agent property setting, employee computers will not be able to download applications outside the rules or access prohibited websites, even impossible to copy files to other devices outside the allowed list.

When employees need to send documents, they need to apply to the admin terminal first, otherwise they will not be able to send documents to other computers. Even if an employee attempts to divulge important documents or information, what he sends out will be encrypted document, and the computers without iMonitor computer monitoring software installed will not be able to view normally. In this way, no matter what kind of employee will greatly improve the efficiency of work.

For the manager’s point of view, the console program will record all the activities of agent computers, even to control remotely. The computer logs includes screenshots playback, keylogger, history of application, email, website, chat, etc. Choose an agent that you need to view, then click the corresponding function, the operation is easy. Regarding the method of deploying rules on the agent, you can set it from the agent property setting.

As for the illegal operation of the agent, an alarm record will be generated on the console computer, prompting in the form of a pop-up window and a bell. Similarly, iMonitor has a keyword detection function. When the keyword you add appears on the agent computer, the console program will also generate an alert. iMonitor can record the file transfer, and is in detail. If an employee deletes some important files maliciously or unintentionally, do not worry, the automatic file backup function will retrieve the lost files for you.

iMonitor employee monitoring software has deployed in many enterprises, don’t you want to have such a secret weapon to win?