Bugs, you can judge that word original means from the dictionary, small insect. But in IT field, bugs is always terrible and annoying for programmers. A software bug is the common term used to describe an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program or system that produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways. Most bugs arise from mistakes and errors made by people in either a program’s source code or its design, and a few are caused by compilers producing incorrect code. A program that contains a large number of bugs, and/or bugs that seriously interfere with its functionality, is said to be buggy. Reports detailing bugs in a program are commonly known as bug reports, fault reports, problem reports, trouble reports, change requests, and so forth.

Recently, our IMonitor EAM developing team is testing our v4.90 beta version. Bugs testing, think that would be a very hard and boring working for most programmers. Now we have tested and corrected this beta for more than a month. During this boring processing, beta version need to be installed and uninstalled again and again, we all can’t remember what hell the number is. Only one thing I know no matter how many I have done or how many I still left, making our new v4.90 much more stable and optimized, that is just all we need. Many customers have emailed us and given our new v4.90 a big expect, so we know we can’t let you down, even one a micro bug that maybe not affect software executing performance, but we also need take good care with that, one more and one more testing, bug fixing. Now we would finally bring our new v4.90 to the front of our customers.
Let us say no to bugs for ever. And more, hope more suggestions and ideas would be very welcome.