Being parents, did you worry about your kids? Up to date, computer and internet broadband have become a necessary appliance and taken into common people life. And in such this convenient environment, it is more easy let our kids touch the home computer and access to internet. Coming along with this case, more and more social protecting kids experts have given a warning. Porn contents, violent and bloody scenes etc have been around our curious kids. Kids are always in open mind, and they still can’t identify what are right, what are not.
According above, building a strong shell against these threats and fully let what they are doing under control should be mainly responsibility for our parents. But how? Simple asking lead to many solutions. Some parents choose a forced way which lock away from their kids, and some parents choose a peaceful way which is sitting aside when kids used computer. Even some less parents told their kids computer is a terrible monster which make kids feel scared, not and never dare touch computers. All these methods maybe work for a while, but it is really ridiculous. Though some bad things inside internet, not forgetting still more good things inside as well. Don’t be like a fool who throws whole birthday cake just cause a mistaken word.
Again being wised parents, you should choose a better way to deal with.
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