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No, Never and Ever Call Me Newbie !!

Posted on November 4th, 2009 in Power Keylogger | Comments Off on No, Never and Ever Call Me Newbie !!

‘ Don’t call me newbie never and ever, ok? ‘ That is one sentence from chatting with our customers. How did this happen? If you have free time, please get a cup of tea and then find a comfortable chair, relax yourself, because that is a really long story. Ready, let’s begin !
This customer had purchased our Power Keyloggyer for one week, since her purchasing, beside our product question, more PC technical question has come into our online chat. Quoting some chats would be easy to see and clear the story.

  • ‘ Why I can’t install Power Keyloggyer, always pop up a window message show¬† ‘ You need administrator¬† right to install ‘
  • ‘ Please disable UAC function ‘
  • ‘ What is UAC , where I can find ?
  • ‘ UAC — User Account Control, you can find this by following these processes, Star — Control panel — User Account and Family Safety — User Account — Change User Account Control Setting, and finally disable it’
  • ‘ For god sake, where is start? I can’t find it ‘
  • ‘ Start button is on the bottom of your desktop, on the left of task bar, icon like window booting logo ‘
  • ‘ What is window booting logo like? Still can’t find it ‘
  • ‘ Ok, does someone else around you, call him or her ‘
  • ‘ Why need call somebody? I can handle it by myself ‘
  • ‘ Ok, as you wish, try google, find some newbie help article. That would be in handy ‘
  • ‘ Why? You think me a newbie, no way, you hurt me ‘
  • ‘ Sorry for that, but refer to some newbie help would be really in handy for you ‘
  • ‘ NO WAY, Don’t call me newbie never and ever, ok?

That is the part of our chatting, anyway at last we soluted her problem with our full effort and more time, but we still feel happy to see that customer has been semi-professional. Only one thing is still in my mind which I can’t get rid of, if you are new to PC, please not be afraid to be named newbie. Learning is a way to push our technique and society, you can’t deny it or afraid it. For me, newbie also is a nickname for a period of time, but I just bravely face it and work hard to improve myself. After that, newbie would be a past name. Like our products, from a nobody to now well know, we experienced ‘ newbie ‘ period, but now we successed and prepare to next big step!!

Better Is Not Enough, We Want Best !!

Posted on November 2nd, 2009 in Computer and Internet monitoring, EAM Professional Edition, EAM Standard Edition, Employee Monitoring, IMonitor Softwares, Uncategorized | 12 Comments »

Customer relationships are at the heart of every business: how the people who keep your company afloat are treated. For most company, customers are God which is the first rule in company leader mind. Why say that? The reason is customers pay your wages. But the fact is always worse than customers expected. Sometimes we see customers as a nuisance, as difficult, even as incidental to the business. We all go back to the people and places who make an effort, extend themselves and create some kind of connection with us. When we have been well ‘managed’ we become good customers. Because loyalty and trust are built, dealing with those who treat us well is something we look forward to and appreciate. In turn, when you manage your customers well they will want to come back; they will want to deal with you or your company. They will know that if they present you with a difficulty they’re not going to get a blank stare, you won’t get defensive or respond with, “Well, it’s not really my problem.” Actually, we believe that if you create good, healthy customer relationships, people will even forgive you your mistakes.

Currently, IMonitor security company has spent most time and fund in customers support, for now, five members in this team including online support, technical support and sale support. We always put this rule in the mind, better support, better satisfied and better sales. But from now, better is not enough for us, we had already planned to improve our support, our goal now is best. Maybe a couples days later, our official website would be added more support functions which could make our supports perfect.
Please wait and see what we can do!!