Yesterday I had talked the topic about cheating spouse, still thinking it is not enough, so today this topic would go on.
This day, what I am ready to talk about is the bad effects of cheating spouse, why not say negative, because I think cheating spouse lead to not just opposite or passive results but a big collapsed disaster to family. If the couple has no kids, that is would be less bad, otherwise that would become a long year shadow memory for most kids. It is really unfair for these young hearts, what they have done wrong ?! Definitely nothing. But comparing with adults, for adults, maybe that is just a short unhappy event of lifetime, but these young hearts have to take a long long time,in some cases even the whole life to recover. Taking a real story as example, couple divorced when they found he and she were cheating each other, and for the reason of chasing another new life, nobody want to bring up their kid who was only 5 years old. In the court, I saw the kid crying like a new born baby, nobody cared, nobody noticed, what a miserable poor kid. At the ending of story, the kid was dead in the car accident. Poor little angel, hoping you would be in peace in heaven.

What the hell is bad effects of cheating lead to? I think these would not be cut off no matter how you consider from any kind of views.

  • crush down the trust and reliability of couple
  • hurting your once beloved half who still is loyal to you
  • make you kids being in dark corner in long time

Really terrible, isn’t it. So before any ridiculous and stupid cheating idea flashing into your mind, firstly thinking about your beloved half and kids.