Now our IMontior programmer are preparing to add a Leading new feature into our flagship EAM Products. What is that? Why I say that is leading feature? Most time, EAM Product project team always put customers needs and suggestions in their mind, like our company goal, worry about what customers worry, thinking about what customer needs, providing satisfied technical support for customers. From ‘ nobody’ company to now well known, we all have done everything for this goal. Thanks god, now we have made it. But also we need make things much better in further.

Come back the point, the new feature of EAM Product would be customer back-stage monitor. What is that back-stage means? With this feature, customers can login in our official website and manger all information including all kind of logs, screenshots EAM Products has sent to our IMonitor server. In customers back-stage, customers can get all details report just like your local server reports. By using that remote function, no matter where and when, it is very easy to get all the reports, what you just need to do is login in our official website. Also for security reason, back-stage provides very strong password and id management, that means only customers themselves can see and change the personal information on server, others can’t, even our administrators can’t see customers profiles as well.

Currently this project is being developed, soon it would be released with our next new EAM new version. Please check it our until then and report bugs to us.