Early this year, our online support team had received many complaints about our official website, like why I can not find…? Could your website show customers some online demo with that, we can be more clear to understand what is the key feature of EAM Products? etc. At here, we are really thankful for you all. Also we have put all you said in our mind, now we are ready to make our official website more functional and friendly!

Adjusting official website would add more new function, for example, ROI Calculator, User database ( this would be a lot of help for our coming project, sorry for now, we can’t say much about this) and new easy-viewed information about our latest news and products.

ROI Calculator, that is would help customers much easier to understand what benefits our EAM Products will give customers. If Customers want to know our EAM Products in specific numbers, ROI Calculator would be a nice online tool to do that. Please must try that!!

User database, that would be more convenient for us to contact with our customers. With that, customers can received our latest products news and promotion events. So no need visit our website, customers just check daily emails and would know our latest news.

Please until then experience our new official website.