Screen Monitoring Software

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Working with a remote desktop screen monitoring software can be a very smart decision if you work with one or more employees. This is great for any company, as that employee literally turns in to an asset. This is excellent because this will give you a consistent look at your employee’s work throughout the entire day, thus eliminating the question of whether they are working or not – employee desktop live viewer.


If you are monitoring several employees, this is great because you don’t need to log into different monitoring accounts. You have just one online account, or platform, to log into. Everyones of your employee’s images will be right in front of you, one click away from your viewing.

Having a screen monitoring software is invaluable because of all the benefits that it offers you. Mainly peace of mind in knowing that you are in control, even if you are not around psychically. Your employees will work harder for you, knowing that they are being monitored. You will be able to detect inactivity and unproductive tasks – employee activity monitoring software.

This will increase employee effectiveness and will ultimately increase the company’s revenue. There are many ways of monitoring your employees including the traditional method of hanging around the office for the whole day. It is time you discovered that you can use this time you spend in the office monitoring your employees, to do other business when you employ effective technological innovations to monitor your employees. For more information, please visit our site

How to back up files on all company computer?

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The security of the company’s documentation is a very important part, especially for the development department. If the office computer crush suddenly, most user will lost the computes flies, this is a serious problem;The other case is if the user want to recover the previous files, but it has been overwritten or deleted. So, it’s good for you if the company can back up all the computer files.


We suggest you to use iMonitor EAM, beside the file back up, you can also monitor employee computer activity, record all the thing from the agent computer start until tun off, the monitored logs including screen-shots, chat records, file records, Internet records, keylogger, and file transfers.

Meantime, you can set website filter, application filter, prevent the employee from visiting entertainment web pages and software during working hours, block file transfer, block USB device to ensure all the files do not leakage.

Documents that need to be sent out need to be approved by the management terminal before they can be sent out normally, so that the safety of company files can be effectively guaranteed.

The employee activity monitoring software iMonitor EAM can realize the above-mentioned functions. iMonitor EAM is composed of three programs, server program, console program and agent program.

Server program is for storing data and should be installed on a computer as server.

Console program is for logging in console panel to connect server and start monitoring.

Agent program should be installed on employee’s computer. The agent program will work in totally stealth mode, no pop-up window,no item in add/remove programs, no item in Windows start-up menu, no any notifications,no icon in the task-bar and desktop and can not be ended by the user. The path for installing and saving data is also hidden, which will not affect the normal work of employees.

The employee computer monitoring software iMonitor EAM supports the use of major companies, education departments, government departments, schools and other places. iMonitor EAM can enable automatic backup and upload the latest data to the server in real time.For more information, please visit our site

Der Vorteil der Verwendung von Computerüberwachungssoftware?

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Kennen Sie die Vorteile des Einsatzes von Mitarbeiter PC Überwachungssoftware im Unternehmen? Und wissen Sie, welche Software besser ist? Wenn Sie es nicht wissen, gebe ich Ihnen einen guten Vorschlag – iMonitor EAM.

Die Verwendung der iMonitor EAM-pc überwachungssoftware ist in vielen Unternehmen üblich, insbesondere in solchen, in denen Mitarbeiter die meiste Zeit am Computer verbringen. Durch die Verwendung dieser Software wissen die Mitarbeiter, dass sie nicht nachlassen können, und die Manager wissen, welche Mitarbeiter nicht produktiv sind. Um die Produktivität zu gewährleisten und sicherzustellen, dass der Mitarbeiter nicht gegen die Unternehmensrichtlinien verstößt, werden mehrere Ereignisse überprüft.

Mit Screenshot können Sie abspielen, um zu überprüfen, was der Mitarbeiter während seiner Arbeitszeit getan hat, wodurch alle Aktivitäten auf dem Computer aufgezeichnet werden.

Mit Live-Desktop können Sie überprüfen, was Mitarbeiter gerade tun. iMonitor EAM unterstützt auch mehrere Live-Desktops, was bedeutet, dass Sie alle Bildschirme der Mitarbeiter gleichzeitig von Ihrem Computer aus überprüfen können.

Mit dem Bericht kann der Administrator ein Dashboard für alle Computeraktivitäten des Mitarbeiters erstellen, er kennt den Zeitaufwand jedes Einzelnen klar.

Es gibt auch andere Vorteile, die Sie nach der Verwendung finden können. Ich bin sicher, dass iMonitor EAM Ihnen bei Ihrem Geschäft sehr helfen wird.

How to prevent Employee from browsing irrelevant website?

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The Computer Science and Technology development improves the work efficiency and speed of enterprises, but at the same time, it inevitably brings security risks. The network is a double-edged sword. If the enterprise use it well, it will bring benefits, but improper will make it worse.

With the continuous strengthening of competition among enterprises, network security management has been highly valued. In order to improve enterprise production efficiency, reduce unnecessary waste of resources, and help entrepreneurs cultivate a good corporate culture, numerous computer monitoring software has also emerged.

However, there are not many software that can view multiple Live-desktops at the same time and have remote control features. iMonitorSoft employee monitoring software is a very cost-effective tool. It is widely accepted by users due to its easy operation and high credibility.


The purpose of deploying employee activity monitoring software is to regulate employees’ online behavior, Prevent employees from browsing web pages aimlessly, prevent employees from entering illegal web pages by mistake, and help them build a good online behavior habit.
1.Live desktop and remote control, Manager, Monitoring, Save and play all the employee screen.
2.Block website, there are black-list and white-list for you to control the employee browsing online.
3.Application filter, you can block any application, and prevent them from install any new application as you wish.
4.USB device, You can record the USB activity, block it, or make it read only.
5.Social application usage monitoring, you can monitor almost social application, Skype, INS, MSN…
6.File/Data Security, record all the files activity, Document risks management and alert. Real-time file backup logs.

How to protect your kid’s from online dangers?

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Younger children spend most of their time play online games , while older children use the Internet for conducting web searches as well as for communicating, watching videos, online shopping and so on.

An open Internet is unsafe, sometimes even dangerous for children in this digital age. So as parents, what can you do for protecting your kids from online dangers?

Workauditor can provide parents a reliable solution to make sure your kids online safety by monitoring their online activities. With this parental control software, parents can view screenshots, keyloggers, website visited, file transfer, chatting messages, block inappropriate websites and filter unwanted applications. So parents shield your children from cyber bullies, adult oriented websites, and ensure you have the control you need over children online activity.

workauditor feartures

Besides, the user activity monitoring software is easy to use, you just need to install an agent on the target computer, and the agent works in totally stealth mode, so your children won’t find it.

D er Wert von Computerüberwachungssoftware

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Wenn es um die Arbeitsproduktivität der Mitarbeiter geht, spielt eine Computerüberwachungssoftware eine wichtige Rolle, die alle Details aufzeichnen kann, die Mitarbeiter auf ihrem Computer gemacht haben. Zum Beispiel jede von jedem Mitarbeiter besuchte Website und wie lange sie diese Websites besucht haben. Der Arbeitgeber kann Maßnahmen ergreifen, um den Benutzern zu verbieten, auf bestimmte Websites oder Apps zuzugreifen.



Zeitdiebstahl ist eine andere Art von Raub, von der Unternehmen wissen, dass sie existiert, aber möglicherweise nicht sicher ist, wie sie verhindert werden kann. Zeitdiebstahl liegt vor, wenn Mitarbeiter die Arbeitszeit des Unternehmens für private Aktivitäten nutzen. Wie zum Beispiel das Ansehen von Videos, das Spielen von Spielen, Online-Shopping und so weiter. Die Angestellten werden nach Stunden bezahlt. Wenn sie also etwas tun, das nichts mit der Arbeit zu tun hat, ist das wirklich Geldverschwendung für das Unternehmen.软件界面 EN

Mit der Mitarbeiter PC Überwachungssoftware,Der Arbeitgeber kann auch einen Bericht erstellen, um die Produktivität jedes Einzelnen zu überprüfen und dann ein besseres Verständnis für das Engagement dieser Personen zu erhalten. Jeder Mitarbeiter kann einen Ausfalltag haben. Seien Sie wachsam gegenüber Mitarbeitern, die ständig die Zeit des Unternehmens mit persönlichen Aktivitäten verbringen

Il valore del Software per il monitoraggio dei dipendenti

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Quando si tratta dell’efficienza lavorativa dei dipendenti, il software di monitoraggio del computer svolge un ruolo importante: Monitoraggio dell’attività informatica, registrando tutti i dettagli delle attività dei dipendenti sul computer, per raggiungere lo scopo di monitorare i dipendenti. Ad esempio, ogni sito web visitato da ciascun dipendente e per quanto tempo ha visitato quei siti. Il datore di lavoro può adottare misure per vietare agli utenti l’accesso ad alcuni siti Web o applicazioni.

Il furto di tempo è un diverso tipo di furto che le aziende sanno che esiste, ma potrebbero non essere sicure di come prevenirlo. Il furto di tempo si verifica quando i dipendenti utilizzano il tempo dell’azienda per attività personali. Come guardare video, giocare, fare acquisti online, ecc. I dipendenti sono pagati a ore, quindi se hanno fatto qualcosa che non ha nulla a che fare con il lavoro, è davvero uno spreco di denaro per l’azienda.

Con iMonitor EAM  Software per il monitoraggio dei dipendenti, il datore di lavoro può anche generare report per verificare la produttività di ogni individuo e quindi comprendere meglio la loro dedizione. Tutti i dipendenti possono avere un giorno libero. Stai alla ricerca di dipendenti che trascorrono costantemente il tempo dell’azienda in attività personali.


Il software supporta più lingue per soddisfare le esigenze degli utenti di tutto il mondo.


El valor del software de monitoreo de pc

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Cuando se trata de la productividad laboral de los empleados, el software de monitoreo de pc juega un papel importante, ya que puede registrar todos los detalles que el empleado hizo en su computadora,lograr el propósito de monitorear empleados. Por ejemplo, cada sitio web visitado por cada empleado y cuánto tiempo visitaron esos sitios. El empleador puede tomar medidas para prohibir a los usuarios que accedan a algunos sitios web o aplicaciones.

El robo de tiempo es un tipo diferente de robo que las empresas saben que existe, pero que pueden no estar seguras de cómo prevenirlo. El robo de tiempo ocurre cuando los empleados utilizan el tiempo de la empresa para actividades personales. Como ver videos, jugar juegos, comprar en línea, etc. A los empleados se les paga por hora, por lo que si hicieron algo que no tiene nada que ver con el trabajo, es realmente una pérdida de dinero para la empresa.

软件界面 EN

Con Software de monitoreo de empleados iMonitor EAM, el empleador también puede generar informes para verificar la productividad de cada individuo y luego comprender mejor su dedicación. Todos los empleados pueden tener un día de descanso. Esté alerta a los empleados que constantemente dedican tiempo de la empresa a actividades personales.

The Value of Computer Monitoring Software

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When it comes to employee’s working productivity, employee activity monitoring software play an important role on it, which can record all the details which employee did on their computer. For example, every website visited by each employee and how long they visited those sites. The employer can take take action to prohibit the users to go to some website or Apps.

pc monitoring software

Time theft is a different type of robbery that companies know exists but may be unsure how to prevent it. Time theft occurs when employees use company time for personal activities. Such as watching videos, playing games, online shopping and so on. Employees are paid by hour, so if they did something that has nothing to do with the work, it’s really a waste of money for the company.


With iMonitor EAM, the employer can also generate report to check each individuals productivity, then get a better understanding of the dedication of them. Every employee may have a down day. Be alert to employees who consistently spend company time on personal activities.


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How to prohibit employees from playing games in office? Can I use employee activity monitoring software? At present, enterprises are facing many problems of online management of employees. Online games and other game software are very common. companies or departments sometimes need to ban employees due to management needs. Play games and visit gaming websites.


So how to monitor employee computer activity and prohibit online game software? To monitor and manage employees’ online behavior, this method is very simple to implement. Installing and deploying pc monitoring software is the simplest, direct, scientific, and efficient solution. Of course, deploying an efficient, intelligent and popular computer monitoring software on company computers is also a necessary solution for every company to protect data assets.

So, how to ban online game software with iMonitor EAM? The implementation method is as follows:

Step 1: Go to and downloads iMonitor EAM installation package.

Free Trial

1.Unzip the installation package to obtain: includes the following files:
EAMProTrial9.6XX.exe– iMonitor EAM Professional Server program and Console program installer
AgentInstall.exe–iMonitor EAM Professional Client program installer for Windows
imonitor-mac-agent.pkg– iMonitor EAM Professional Client program for Mac OS

2.Install the EAM console and server first, then install the agent end;

3.The console and server program is installed on the manager’s computer, and the agent program is installed on the employee’s computer.

Step 2: Log in to the console and set the client to prohibit game websites or programs

There are two ways to play the video game, online game, log in through the website. The other is to log in via desktop application.
We can prohibit employees from accessing games through website filter and application filter.
Please refer to this:
1 website filter:
2 Application filter:

If your company employees play games during work, what problems are explained. These behaviors make enterprise information security management face huge risk factors.

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According to the survey, the data leakage and loss incidents encountered by enterprises every year will cause serious damage to enterprises. Enterprises will lose one-third of their customer base and cause immeasurable economic losses to enterprises.

Statistics from international market research institutions show that nearly half of the companies that have suffered data loss will close down within two years. Therefore, local area network security issues can affect the company’s office atmosphere from a small perspective, and from a large perspective, it will affect all aspects of business production, asset security, financial administration, human resources, and corporate culture.
The network application environment is becoming more and more complicated and gradually evolving. Enterprise data leaks, core technologies are stolen, user data is lost, and intellectual property is stolen…

These information security incidents occur frequently and bring huge challenges to enterprises. How to maintain enterprise data security has increasingly become an unavoidable challenge for enterprises in the information age. If a company does not have a complete set of excellent online behavior management software, it is very easy to leak commercial secrets, causing the company to suffer property losses.

For a better and healthier development of the enterprise, it is hoped that enterprise managers will pay attention to the management of the internal security of the LAN as soon as possible.