The Value of Computer Monitoring Software

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When it comes to employee’s working productivity, employee activity monitoring software play an important role on it, which can record all the details which employee did on their computer. For example, every website visited by each employee and how long they visited those sites. The employer can take take action to prohibit the users to go to some website or Apps.

pc monitoring software

Time theft is a different type of robbery that companies know exists but may be unsure how to prevent it. Time theft occurs when employees use company time for personal activities. Such as watching videos, playing games, online shopping and so on. Employees are paid by hour, so if they did something that has nothing to do with the work, it’s really a waste of money for the company.


With iMonitor EAM, the employer can also generate report to check each individuals productivity, then get a better understanding of the dedication of them. Every employee may have a down day. Be alert to employees who consistently spend company time on personal activities.


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How to prohibit employees from playing games in office? Can I use employee activity monitoring software? At present, enterprises are facing many problems of online management of employees. Online games and other game software are very common. companies or departments sometimes need to ban employees due to management needs. Play games and visit gaming websites.


So how to monitor employee computer activity and prohibit online game software? To monitor and manage employees’ online behavior, this method is very simple to implement. Installing and deploying pc monitoring software is the simplest, direct, scientific, and efficient solution. Of course, deploying an efficient, intelligent and popular computer monitoring software on company computers is also a necessary solution for every company to protect data assets.

So, how to ban online game software with iMonitor EAM? The implementation method is as follows:

Step 1: Go to and downloads iMonitor EAM installation package.

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1.Unzip the installation package to obtain: includes the following files:
EAMProTrial9.6XX.exe– iMonitor EAM Professional Server program and Console program installer
AgentInstall.exe–iMonitor EAM Professional Client program installer for Windows
imonitor-mac-agent.pkg– iMonitor EAM Professional Client program for Mac OS

2.Install the EAM console and server first, then install the agent end;

3.The console and server program is installed on the manager’s computer, and the agent program is installed on the employee’s computer.

Step 2: Log in to the console and set the client to prohibit game websites or programs

There are two ways to play the video game, online game, log in through the website. The other is to log in via desktop application.
We can prohibit employees from accessing games through website filter and application filter.
Please refer to this:
1 website filter:
2 Application filter:

If your company employees play games during work, what problems are explained. These behaviors make enterprise information security management face huge risk factors.

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According to the survey, the data leakage and loss incidents encountered by enterprises every year will cause serious damage to enterprises. Enterprises will lose one-third of their customer base and cause immeasurable economic losses to enterprises.

Statistics from international market research institutions show that nearly half of the companies that have suffered data loss will close down within two years. Therefore, local area network security issues can affect the company’s office atmosphere from a small perspective, and from a large perspective, it will affect all aspects of business production, asset security, financial administration, human resources, and corporate culture.
The network application environment is becoming more and more complicated and gradually evolving. Enterprise data leaks, core technologies are stolen, user data is lost, and intellectual property is stolen…

These information security incidents occur frequently and bring huge challenges to enterprises. How to maintain enterprise data security has increasingly become an unavoidable challenge for enterprises in the information age. If a company does not have a complete set of excellent online behavior management software, it is very easy to leak commercial secrets, causing the company to suffer property losses.

For a better and healthier development of the enterprise, it is hoped that enterprise managers will pay attention to the management of the internal security of the LAN as soon as possible.

What software do modern enterprises use to manage employees?

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How to improving work efficiency?


With the development of the Internet, more and more company jobs tend to be in the computer, and the way of developing modern enterprise management in the Internet information age is not limited to the traditional oral preaching, how to effectively prevent the leakage of online behavior management and information security, and improve the efficiency of employees’ work.

To solve this problem, iMonitorsoft launched an employee activity monitoring software-iMonitor EAM.


What is iMonitor EAM?

iMonitor EAM is a user activity monitoring software that monitors computer operations and Internet behaviors of employees in a stealth mode. After installation, employees’ computers can be monitored in real time to understand their working status.

Main functions


  1. Computer Activity
    Computer logs mainly include: Screen-shots, Keylogger, Application usage, Alerts, keyword records, Internet Records, Chat records, File records, and so on.
  2. Report
    The report function can select the date range by itself to generate various types of summaries. For example, a week’s program records, website records, keyboard records, file records etc…
  3. Remote Desktop
    The remote employee desktop live viewer includes multi-desktop monitoring, remote desktop and control, Agent computer files browser. And it can control the agent computer to shut down, restart, start and close the screen saver and lock screen, send commands and files to the client, view the client’s process, self-starting items, software and hardware information, etc.
    (1) Multi-desktop monitoring can see the real-time desktops of all clients.
    (2) The remote desktop and control can adjust the picture quality, transmission speed, save the current picture, and control the mouse and keyboard remotely.

The Benefit of Using Computer Monitoring Software

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Do you know the advantage of using employee activity monitoring software in company? And do you know which software is better? If you don’t know, I will give you a good suggestion – iMonitor EAM.

The use of iMonitor EAM pc monitoring software is common in many businesses, especially those where employees spend a majority of their time at a computer. Using this software lets employees know they cannot slack off, and lets managers know which employees are not being productive. To ensure productivity, and to ensure that the employee is not going against company policy, several events are checked.


With screenshot, you can play back to check what the employee did during their work time, which will record all the activities on the computer.

With live desktop, you can check what employee doing now, iMonitor EAM also support multiple live desktop, which means you can check all the employee’s screen from your computer at the same time.

With the report, the administrator can generate a dashboard for all the employee’s computer activities, he will know each individual’s time spend clearly.

There are also other advantages, you can find it after you use it. I’m sure iMonitor EAM will help you a lot with your business.


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O que seu funcionário faz quando você não está no escritório? Eles trabalham duro ou mal trabalham? Quem está jogando? Quem faz compras online e quem assiste a vídeos? Você deve estar curioso sobre todas as coisas. E como verificar esses detalhes secretamente?

Com o iMonitor 365 Software de monitoramento PC, você pode monitorar a atividade do PC do funcionário facilmente. Você só precisa instalar um agente no computador do funcionário, então você pode fazer o login no console da web para verificar todos os detalhes do seu funcionário. Por ser baseado na nuvem, você pode visualizar os registros em qualquer lugar, como em outras cidades, em outros países, até mesmo em casa. Especialmente quando você estiver em uma viagem de negócios, o que será muito importante para você monitorar as atividades do computador do funcionário durante esse período.

imonitor365 features

Exceto para capturas de tela, pressionamento de tecla, área de trabalho remota, site visitado …, o iMonitor 365 também pode gerar vários painéis para você verificar a produtividade do trabalho do funcionário, com o painel, você pode ver quem trabalha duro, quem gasta muito tempo fazendo compras online, quem assiste vídeos o dia todo.

A produtividade do funcionário está ligada ao desenvolvimento da empresa, então você precisa prestar mais atenção a isso.

Você confia em seu funcionário?

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Você confia em seu funcionário? Acho que a maioria dos chefes dirá não.

Os funcionários vêm de lugares diferentes e têm experiências diferentes. Alguns deles estão em uma posição de confiança dentro da empresa, no entanto, o acesso a alguns ou todos os ativos de rede confidenciais da empresa é motivo de preocupação. Consequentemente, esses indivíduos estão em posições que podem ser definidas como de “alto risco”. Portanto, é difícil para o chefe gerenciar esse tipo de pessoa. Os indivíduos nessas posições de alto risco têm necessariamente o acesso a valiosos ativos de rede – e a maioria desses indivíduos desempenha suas funções regulares com lealdade e dedicação à empresa, mas alguns podem vazar os dados para outra empresa.


Portanto, é muito importante para o chefe instalar um software de monitoramento PC, como o iMonitor EAM. Após a instalação, você pode verificar todas as atividades do computador a qualquer momento, incluindo a captura de tela, pressionamentos de tecla, área de trabalho ao vivo, site visitado, uso do aplicativo e assim por diante. E o agente trabalha em modo totalmente furtivo, para que ninguém o encontre.


Com os logs e relatórios, você pode descobrir facilmente quem é a lealdade à empresa. Por que não tentar?

Por que o empregador precisa do software de monitoramento?

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Hoje em dia, cada vez mais empregadores querem monitorar seus funcionários, por quê?

Embora a Internet tenha aumentado a eficiência do escritório profissional exponencialmente, ela também pode ser uma das maiores distrações e razões pelas quais a produtividade é afetada. É por isso que o software de monitoramento de Internet empresarial é tão popular entre alguns empregadores que dependem fortemente de muitos funcionários que usam computadores.

O software de monitoramento PC consiste em três partes: o agente, o servidor e o console, alguns podem ter apenas o agente e o console. E com o software de monitoramento PC, você pode verificar todas as atividades no computador de destino.

Pode haver muitos motivos pelos quais um empregador gostaria de ter algum tipo de software de monitoramento de funcionários da Internet para uma empresa. O motivo mais óbvio é determinar se algum negócio ilegal ou antiético está sendo conduzido online. Outros motivos incluem verificar se o funcionário está gastando tempo de trabalho para socializar, visitar sites não relacionados às suas funções de trabalho e bater papo. A maioria dos softwares de monitoramento de internet pode verificar esses detalhes, como o iMonitor 365.

O iMonitor 365 é baseado em nuvem e você só precisa instalar o agente no computador de destino, então você pode fazer o login no console da web para monitorar o computador do funcionário. Com os registros detalhados, você saberá a produtividade de cada indivíduo claramente e, em seguida, decidirá o que fazer para aumentar sua produtividade, para tornar a empresa mais próspera. Acho que isso é muito importante para um empregador.

What iMonitor EAM monitoring?

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There are many large enterprise, governments, education organization using iMonitor EAM to monitoring employees’ computers and prevent company information from leaking. For work monitoring software, what are the specific functions?
There are 3 main function of iMonitor EAM: Record Computer Activity, Computer logs statistical and reports, Real-Time Desktop Monitoring & Control.
Today, Let’s talk about computer activity monitoring, the computer log, which includes Screen-shots, Keystrokes, Software usage, System events, Alerts, Keyword, Hardware and Software Asset Management.


1.Live Screenshot & Playback
iMonitor EAM can watch the computer screens (live streaming & screenshot) of your employees remotely in real time. and allows you to view simultaneously from 1 to 32 of your employees’ computers. Also, EAM would automatically save the screenshot (interval is adjustable) to server, allow the administrator check playback any time.


Set the frequency to capture screenshots by second on client computer. You can set it from 30 seconds to 3600 seconds.
Smart screenshot: The EAM client will detect the client’s computer usage status. If the computer is idle for a long time (no mouse and keyboard input), it will automatically change the screenshot interval to 5 times the set time. When mouse or keyboard input is detected during idle time, the screenshot will be taken immediately and the screenshot time interval will be adjusted to the set interval.
Keyword detection and continuous screenshots: When a keyword-triggering behavior is detected, it will immediately take 5 continuous screenshots, with an interval of two seconds each time, and automatically return to the set screenshot mode after completion.
The software can capture all the raw keyboard input, if the application does not protect password input, the password will be recorded as same as normal keyloggers.


Keystroke logger includes: date, time, open application title, user name, application process, and input characters.
3.Website history
You can monitor the Internet records of all browsers, and the records include: date and time, user name, process name, and web page title.


4.Software usage
The software usage include: Date and time, program name, user name, duration of use, process name, software name.


5.System events
System events can record the user’s computer turn on time, start-up items, and login user.


6.Real-Time Alerts & Keyword Alerts
iMonitor EAM alert system is capable of notifying you in real time about potentially dangerous events occurs. You can build custom alerts rules, EAM would automatically detect the forbidden behavior such as insert an USB device to copy file/process file; print document; download file from website; transfer file to/from FTP server; try to run a blocked application; try to open a blocked website; Input the preset keywords, file name, print job name, website URL, website title, etc. Then you would get real-time alerts and EAM would take a screenshot as a proof so that immediate action can be taken.



7.Hardware and Software Asset Management.
Software management can monitor specific records of the client operating system, including host name, processor, memory, system directory, and other information.


Hardware device information includes the device type and device name, and the hardware device includes various types of interfaces connected by the client.


Will your employee watching YouTube at work ?

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Employee’s working productivity is bond to company’s development. If they work hard, then the company will grow better, if not, then the company will get worse. However, most employee spend much time on YouTube all day, which is really a waste of money for the boss.

With iMonitor 365 remote monitoring software, you can not only alert on any access of YouTube, but it can also be used to block access if the manager want to limit access to non-work-related websites on company assets. What you need to do is just to add those website to blacklist from the web console.

imonitor365 features

The boss may curious about how much active time or idle time employee spent on work, and total times for websites in iMonitor 365 console by specific users or in the dashboard. This can indicate whether that activity was seldom or if serious time is being spent on amusement. If they spend much time on it, then we can use the rules to block all the sites, push them to spend time on work.

As the leader of the company, we must pay attention to the computer activities of each individuals, then we can make the company better.

Wie können Sie den Computer Ihres Mitarbeiters jederzeit überwachen?

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Was macht Ihr Mitarbeiter, wenn Sie nicht im Büro sind? Arbeiten sie hart oder kaum? Wer spielt Spiele? Wer kauft online ein?
Und wer schaut sich Videos an? Sie müssen neugierig auf all die Dinge sein. Und wie kann man diese Details heimlich überprüfen?

Mit iMonitor 365 können Sie die PC-Aktivitäten der Mitarbeiter einfach überwachen. Es ist eine professionelle Computerüberwachungssoftware(Mitarbeiter PC Überwachungssoftware). Sie müssen nur einen Agenten auf dem Computer des Mitarbeiters installieren, dann können Sie sich an der Webkonsole anmelden, um alle Details Ihres Mitarbeiters zu überprüfen. Da es Cloud-basiert ist, können Sie die Protokolle überall anzeigen, z. B. in anderen Städten, in anderen Ländern, sogar zu Hause. Besonders wenn Sie auf Geschäftsreise sind, ist es für Sie sehr wichtig, die Computeraktivitäten des Mitarbeiters während dieser Zeit zu überwachen.

Mit Ausnahme von Screenshots, Tastenanschlägen, Remote-Desktops, besuchten Websites … kann iMonitor 365 auch verschiedene Dashboards erstellen, damit Sie die Arbeitsproduktivität der Mitarbeiter überprüfen können Videos den ganzen Tag.

Die Produktivität der Mitarbeiter ist an die Entwicklung des Unternehmens gebunden, daher müssen Sie ihr mehr Aufmerksamkeit schenken.