How to prohibit employees from playing games in office? Can I use employee activity monitoring software? At present, enterprises are facing many problems of online management of employees. Online games and other game software are very common. companies or departments sometimes need to ban employees due to management needs. Play games and visit gaming websites.


So how to monitor employee computer activity and prohibit online game software? To monitor and manage employees’ online behavior, this method is very simple to implement. Installing and deploying pc monitoring software is the simplest, direct, scientific, and efficient solution. Of course, deploying an efficient, intelligent and popular computer monitoring software on company computers is also a necessary solution for every company to protect data assets.

So, how to ban online game software with iMonitor EAM? The implementation method is as follows:

Step 1: Go to and downloads iMonitor EAM installation package.

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1.Unzip the installation package to obtain: includes the following files:
EAMProTrial9.6XX.exe– iMonitor EAM Professional Server program and Console program installer
AgentInstall.exe–iMonitor EAM Professional Client program installer for Windows
imonitor-mac-agent.pkg– iMonitor EAM Professional Client program for Mac OS

2.Install the EAM console and server first, then install the agent end;

3.The console and server program is installed on the manager’s computer, and the agent program is installed on the employee’s computer.

Step 2: Log in to the console and set the client to prohibit game websites or programs

There are two ways to play the video game, online game, log in through the website. The other is to log in via desktop application.
We can prohibit employees from accessing games through website filter and application filter.
Please refer to this:
1 website filter:
2 Application filter:

If your company employees play games during work, what problems are explained. These behaviors make enterprise information security management face huge risk factors.

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According to the survey, the data leakage and loss incidents encountered by enterprises every year will cause serious damage to enterprises. Enterprises will lose one-third of their customer base and cause immeasurable economic losses to enterprises.

Statistics from international market research institutions show that nearly half of the companies that have suffered data loss will close down within two years. Therefore, local area network security issues can affect the company’s office atmosphere from a small perspective, and from a large perspective, it will affect all aspects of business production, asset security, financial administration, human resources, and corporate culture.
The network application environment is becoming more and more complicated and gradually evolving. Enterprise data leaks, core technologies are stolen, user data is lost, and intellectual property is stolen…

These information security incidents occur frequently and bring huge challenges to enterprises. How to maintain enterprise data security has increasingly become an unavoidable challenge for enterprises in the information age. If a company does not have a complete set of excellent online behavior management software, it is very easy to leak commercial secrets, causing the company to suffer property losses.

For a better and healthier development of the enterprise, it is hoped that enterprise managers will pay attention to the management of the internal security of the LAN as soon as possible.