The methods of monitoring Employees’ performance on the internet

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Nowadays it has been widely accepted to monitor the employee’s performance in the workplace. In order to improve the working efficiency and productivity with no expense of morale or privacy of the staffs, the managers try to find the probable methods to achieve the balance.

Some software is applied to monitor employees’ performance by the way of physicalities, such as monitoring activities including the emails, keystrokes and website visits. Even some monitoring units use some malicious methods including making screenshots from PCs or set a webcam in PCs which is illegal and immortal. Hence, the employers should take the actual condition of the workplace and the degree of supervision into consideration. It’s illegal and immortal to monitor the excessive performance of the employees outside work.

The specific condition of the Monitoring software should be known by all the staffs in the workplace such as how much information will be recorded and so on. If the monitoring circumstance was fair and unclosed, all the staffs would be glad to accept being monitored. Therefore during the process of applying this monitoring software, fairness is the crucial element which can make sure the interests of the company as well as the private rights of the staffs.

The monitoring software can record and provide a list of employees’ improper activities at work time to the employers including browsing some pornographic website, surfing the net for non-work related purposes, operating with a low efficiency to the business as well as disclosing the trade secret and searching jobs during the wok time. By using monitoring software, there will be no disputes and arguments between employers and employees who will know their obligations clearly.

The advices above are just some fundamental ones to monitor employee’s performance. You can get more information from the websites specializing on the monitoring software, especially some useful suggestions of installing and applying this program.

Are your employees using Internet illegally?

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How to ensure your employees using internet legally which now is most business managers worried about.  Managers are trying their best to track illegal internet use in their organizations. Internet tracking software can stop internet abuse and illegal internet misuse. You need a real time tracking software to make sure your staffs use Internet legally. IMonitor EAM is just a powerful tool for employees’ internet tracking and managing.

IMonitor EAM tracking software lets administrators track individual’s Internet use within your company. All computer internet activities including website address, URL record, online chat record, and potential internet threat, will be tracked in real time. And you can gently ask those employees who are overdoing the personal use back into line or prevent employees illegal use in advance. To track internet usage effectively and stop internet abuse, no doubt, IMonitor EAM is definitely best choice for admins.

By tracking and monitoring employee internet record, it is also clear to know what your employees have done and who have been overdoing their jobs well. According that, managers can easily build a reward and punishment system which will dramatically trigger employees’ natural motivation. Comparing with other internet tracking software, better comprehensive report IMonitor EAM generated also will cut down admins and managers time.

IMonitor EAM powerful key features including below,

* All-application tracking feature: Employers can use IMonitor EAM that enables them to see what computer applications are running on the employees’ computer terminals.

* Internet tracking feature: Employers can monitor Internet usage such as web-surfing and and other Internet activities.

* Real-time and out-of office feature: No matter local or remote environment, IMonitor EAM always can provide best and stable tracking details.

* Time tracker feature: IMonitor EAM allows employers to keep track of the amount of time an employee spends away from the computer or idle time at the computer.

Multiple functions password logger — IMonitor Power Keylogger

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With more and more people accessing computer and internet, for security sake, most people choose different user name and password for different website. So another problem has come up in the meanwhile. Nearly half of people maybe forget his/her password since some time not use.

Problems can arise if a user is forgetting the password that he used in the application. This can lead to all kinds of problems like having to reinstall a software program or losing encrypted data. More worse is forgetting some passwords of important websites, sometimes user has to face a hard time to reset your account profile by contacting website support staffs. That really wastes your time and energy!

IMonitor Power Keylogger is a superb and lite software program that runs in full stealth mode. It monitors and logs all users’ keyboard activities in real time that means record passwords just a small part of what IMonitor Power Keylogger can do. Not like other password logger software,  IMonitor Power Keylogger will fully recovery user inputting which is exactly same with what user inputting, even user only see star character when inputting your password.

Below is IMonitor Power Keylogger other features

*  Invisibly records all keystrokes such as username/password, emails/documents and other online activities etc.
* Record all user keyboard activities in secure log files, which can be sent to specified e-mail address.
* Record and view login time and date of every session created.
* Display login session detail and total keys pressed in the current session.
* Display the title Windows in which the keystrokes occur.
* Software runs invisibly in the background.
* Key logger is password protected application that prevents unauthorized users from changing or modifying the software configuration settings.
* Useful tool for secretly monitoring Keyboard activities of your children, family or employees to check what they are doing on PC in your absence.

IMonitor Software.Com

Necessary to control internet abuse of business

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Preseantly most businesse will consider the pros and cons of hooking their employees up to the internet, since more and more issues of internet abuse have been occured so often in office. Currently the time of internet abuse which nearly 60% employees of business spend on has been on the rise leading to computer-related firings and a growing climate of corporate misunderstanding and mistrust.

Business internet abuse includes many aspects, such as accessing pornography, chatting, gaming, society network, investing and online shopping, employees turn their working time into private time, which is definitely abusing the original purpose of internet, and reducing business productivity. The latest survey from some global businesses shows a rise in the number of wrongful termination suits based upon an employer’s inability to support accusations of Internet abuse in place.

Maximally preventing and elimating the time of employees internet abuse, it has been put on the top position of business executives
schedule. Monitoring and controlling employees internet abuse and non-related internet activities, it is really be a shortcut to boost employee productivity. As a network administrator, being wise to choose a proper internet abuse monitoring and controlling software is really necessary. Such preventing internet abuse software not only enable to completely monitor internet activities but also make sure it will provide a comprehensive and detailed report.

IMonitor EAM software, according to accumulation of years and customers feedback, has focused upon the issue of internet abuse monitoring since the beginning of software project. IMonitor EAM features monitor all ineternet abused activities, like adult materials, gaming, personal email, P2P, Facebook, MySpace and more. And as possible as it can, providing an easy way ensures a good office network environment.

Why use IMonitor EAM

* Increase productivity by managing your employees’ web browsing habits
* Protect the network from dangerous downloads in real-time
* Reduce cyberslacking – time wasted by employees online
* Effectively enforce an Internet Usage Policy
* Prevent data leakage through socially-engineered websites

IMonitor EAM key features

* Keep a detail record of each web surfing and web posting.
* Record all email content and attachment.
* Monitor and capture instance messengers’ chat contents and activities.
* Monitor and capture files transferred by web, ftp and IM tools.
* Allow specific application to run.
* Filter certain websites by using keyword and block certain websites.

Ultimately Simply File Access Monitor Software

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Accompany global marketing age has come, more and more businesses are becoming painfully aware that not all sensitive information is being stolen by plenty of outsiders, most time business information will be accessed and leaked by the insiders in internal company.  The insiders are the biggest threat.

Unlike the past, present portable storage device and internet has brought much benefit to us, and also in the meantime dangerous threats have been taken up to surface. Most computer users, most time only need a few simple steps or even just one click of send button will send most secret files to anywhere in the world. Such behaviors are really let IT physicians be in headache, the reason is after computer users have done these dirty work, IT physician can’t find any trace which can discover file accessed.

Information leakage is a bit like picking up a handful of dry sand. Stopping it slipping through fingers will be hard to avoid. And file access monitor software is just like the last covers which will advance prevent or stop sensitive files being leaked. File activities monitor not only can real-time spy all important files accessed status like file copy, move, delete and rename, but also can record when, who and what applications already file being accessed. And the logs generated by file access monitor software will be saved on local computer or sent to remote server or even sent to specific email address.

Sensitive files protection like monitoring file status, notifying administrators what have been changed with specific files, has been one efficient method to avoid information leakage in most large business.  According to current business requirement, IMonitor File Access Monitor provides an ultimately simple solution for business environment.

Key features of IMonitor File Access Monitor including

  • Messages Alert — A simple message box that displays monitor findings. These message boxes are smart: if there are many pending alerts you can easily dismiss them all at once.
  • Support Email Logs to Specific Email Address — Logs can be sent to specific email address, no matter where you are and when you login in, it is easy to review all the logs.
  • Generate Files Accessed Logs — Log the findings of any triggered monitor to a file. Separate files can be created for each day, week, month, etc.
  • Support Multiple Format export — Logs can be exported in most common formats like Microsoft Word, Excel and Html in order to review conveniently later.
  • Configuration Security — Password protect IMonitor File Access Monitor, only the person knowing password can modify setting of IMonitor File Access Monitor.
  • Easy and Friendly User Interface — Clear program interface, let users master and understand the program in 10 mins.
  • Simple and Quick Installation — Takes less than 1 minutes to install and get a default installation customized for your system.

One of the most effective ways of preventing or significantly reducing information leakage is to adopt a proper tool to deal with the documents containing information that you need to control.  And now IMonitor File Access Monitor is just what your need.

Deep Lock Guard your Sensitive Data!

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Since computer more popular used in common lives, how to keep personal privacy and sensitive data being safe has been more taken into account by most people. Saving personal documents or photo in online storage? No, that is a really not good idea, most newbie hackers will take this being a piece cake job. So what hell best way to protect your sensitive data? Answer is making these files invisible. Deep lock will be more easy to deal with that. Not only making personal folders or files invisible, also using strong AES-encryption method makes sure personal sensitive date safe.

Currently Deep Lock is a leading easy and fast file lock, folder protection & file encryption software to lock folders & password protect folders. The file and folder locking processes of Deep lock, firstly encrypted files or folders with strong AES-encryption method, that means if someone has no password and still want to decrypt, it would cost about 20 years to calculate. Secondly making locked files or folders invisible, only open Deep lock program, user can see what files or folders be locked, otherwise locked files or folders will not being seen in window explorer, and accessing to Deep lock program also need password. So that dual protections make users sensitive files completely safe.

More Deep lock features showing below
•Leading faster and easy
Experiences of encryption speed never been so quick, Deep Lock will encrypt files and folders with shocked speed. Also easy-use user interface make any level computer user can master it in a couple of minutes.

•Much stronger encrytion method
Encryption and Locking files or folders are exceptionally fast with strongly 100% secure 256-bit AES Encryption. No any simulate software can offer that speed and saftey ability.

•Unlimited number of files or folders to protect
No matter how many files and folders user want to protect. Deep Lock can encrypt or lock as many files and folders as user wants with a high performance level.

•Drive firewall enable
Any files and folder can be protected or locked for storing. Deep Lock can encrypt or lock any attribute of files and folders, even them infected by virus or damaged.

•Powerful security of persoanl users
Files and folders with encrypted or locked by Deep Lock only can be deleted or accessed by user knowing passwords.

•On the fly protection
Files and folders already encrypted with Deep Lock would been extremly safe to email or save in portable memory devices.

•Best compatible support
Deep Lock works flawlessly on all Windows platform, like Windows Vista / 2003 / XP / 2000 / NT, even latest Window 7. It is also fully compatible on all disk drives types including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and EFS.

Please feel free to visit Deep lock website for more info.

Clear to access Best monitoring software website!

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Since the beginning of this year, our support team has a project of adjusting our official website. Being in computer security monitoring market many years, employee activity monitoring, instant messenger monitoring ( msn live messenger, yahoo messenger and ICQ etc), keystroke software and email monitoring, in all these aspects, our IMonitor software has been in absolutely leading position, no matter latest technique and support. Always concerned what customers worried is our goal. Computer monitoring issue, specially employee activities monitoring problem has been taken more care by most successful business company, each year, according to latest report of BBC figure, it will be about 1.5 billion pounds wasting which employee put time on online chat, facebook and twitter. And last year our IMonitor company had received more emails which inquired about employee activities monitoring. We are very welcome these inquires and also provides much more details of our EAM products and differences comparing with other popular products. Comparing with other employee activities monitoring software, we are certain we have much priority, but still sometime we can’t satisfied with a small part of customers needs. Knowing our tweaks, and then improving it, that will be our main target of this year. As well optimized our monitoring software for business and home customer is always we need care.

First step we will change over our official website so that it will be more clear for customers knowing which product will be he need. Index page will list our all monitoring products, and then according to targeted groups, monitoring products will be explained in brief about its monitoring features, for example, EAM Professional Edition will be for large business company, since it is all in one monitoring software, including remote desktop monitoring, screenshot record, keylogger monitoring, website monitoring, instant messenger monitoring and more. It will be recommended to our large business customers, satisfied with more than 100 clients monitoring requirements.

More details will be continued on later post.
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Spouse cheating and kids internet monitoring issue

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A story my colleague yesterday told me, not much special inside, only one thing today I want to discuss with everyone. Spouse cheating, about this, did it happen to you or sometimes it makes you worried or annoyed? At present society, since computers step into common life, spouse cheating issue has been more popular and concerned. In the past, spouse cheating would be easy to expose, most time using postal or telephone as contacting method. But now spouse cheating has changed over all the way, more cases have proved to us, spouse cheating has grabbed the last seat of internet train. All spouse cheating cases via internet has nothing physical thing to expose, like instant message and email, cheating spouse can delete all the record after it is done. It looks cheating could not be caught. Right? No, definitely no way. Quote one chinese saying ‘ While the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs ten ‘, spouse cheating also abide by this rule.
Now IMonitor Software Company is proud of present IMonitor Power Keylogger, which is designed for home user, all key features including below

  • Works in stealth mode, silently and smoothly.
  • Automatically captures screenshots of entire desktop  at set intervals.
  • Log all typed keystrokes including login ID and password, with program window caption and time stamp.
  • Log all incoming and outgoing instant messages. It supports MSN (Windows Live Messenger) ,ICQ, AOL and Yahoo Messenger.
  • Log all emails read in Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003/2007, Microsoft Outlook Express 5/6, Windows Vista WinMail and Incredi Mail.
  • Log outgoing web mail (Yahoo mail, AOL Mail, and Hot mail).
  • Log all webpages opened in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Communicator, Netscape Browser, AOL Explorer Browser, Avant Browser, Maxthon, NetCaptor, SlimBrowser and any other web browsers.
  • Log application used history.
  • Easy to setup and use.
  • Export logs to HTML EXCEL format.
  • Send logging reports in text format to a pre-set email box .
  • Runs absolutely invisibly under Windows systems. Only people who have the password can close the program.

If you still concern more spouse cheating or doubt your half has something behind you, you should try Power Keylogger.

What the hell you need for local network?

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What should be inside local network? Maybe you thinking something like terminal server, data server and something else. But for now it is one more thing for IT department managers of company need be considered, local network monitoring issue, though most time it is safe for local network PCs, but what about internal potential threat? If you are considering that, network monitoring is definitely taken into serious position.

What benefits network monitoring would bring to you?

  • improve office efficiency within network monitoring
  • prevent data loss and sensitive files steal with network monitoring
  • easy to manage office software install and fix troubles with network monitoring
  • under network monitoring, Admin would be easy to control applications of agent client.

If above reasons has touched you, and then following thing you need consider is which network monitoring software should be suitable for you? According to different network monitor conditions, network monitoring software should including these key features real time, expert report and screenshot etc.

IMonitor Software Company now is proud to present EAM Products ( employee activities monitoring ), which is being designed for most network monitoring environment and satisfied with all your needs.

So if you care much about your network monitoring issue, why not give EAM a try?
Free trial version

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How important tracking employee activities in real time!

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Since 21 century, accompanying widely use of computer in office and home life, internet is more taken serious position in our lives. But now almost every business company has to face such this boring issue — according the latest investigation of New York Times, most staff in company has spent about 8 – 10 hours of office time a week on personal use, something like instant message chats, writing personal blog on facebook or twitter and online shopping. Maybe if just count one person, that seems a little waste for company, but if take whole company into account, the figure will really make anyone shock.

Tracking employee activities has been more taken care of by most companies managers. But the point is managers who being good at understanding and knowing how to track employee activities are not so many in most business company. Pointing to this issue, IMonitor Software Company has provided an easy and fully considered method for you — EAM Products, depending how large you company, Employee Activities Monitor Products has divided into professional and standard edition, which will be fitted with different network environment. Employee Activities Monitor Products are designed for dealing with above case, tracking what employee doing in real time, tracking and detecting any harmful activities employee has done in advance and stop it.

Employee Activities Monitor tracking the activities will be in real time and full stealth mode, that means all tracking and monitoring will be unnoticed by employee. And as well meaning no any interrupting message or tracking windows would show up when employee using computers. Above that, real time tracking is another key feature of EAM, real time tracking not only saving admins time, also make admins easy to control employee activities.

For now latest EAM v5.01 has been released, please visit our website and download free trial, try the best real time tracking software in the world.

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