online serveillanceIn today’s world, you can easily find that the computer has been widely used in people’s lives, whether for study, work or play. At some point, you may urgently want to know what your children, employees actually do on the computer all days because they spend so much time with him. Especially children deeply already had computers, which greatly affects the time they spend with each other. Hence, if parents, teachers or managers are responsible for the intensification of monitoring on -line with the installation of computer monitoring program.

Besides finding out what computer users do on the Internet, the computer monitoring software does more to strengthen the on-line monitoring, in order to keep users from online dangers computer. People today can hardly live without computers and also make a lot of problems because of the computer, you can pick up a paper and find a story almost daily about people who communicate via the Internet, became embroiled in a situation that compromised their safety. But computer monitoring program can help you monitor and record all the things that happen on the target computer and monitor your web use.

IMonitor EAM is a comprehensive PC monitoring program, which is well characterized to help all PC users to maintain control over what is happening to your computer in real time and keep track of online activities. As a powerful computer monitoring program, it not only can record all keystrokes, including passwords typed, visited websites, downloaded files, frequently used applications and more, but also keep track of online behavior by blocking websites and applications .

With this PC monitoring software, parents can monitor typed instant messages, websites visited, search content, the activity of social networking and more, which can help parents clearly know about what children do on the Internet. Moreover these logs can also alert parents timely if they find that something is wrong with their children. Additionally, managers can also make full use of this powerful computer monitoring program to constrain online¬†behavior of employees. As is known to all, managers’ online monitoring is very important to work today, since almost all employees have to use the Internet to work every day and is difficult to control all their online activities. IMonitor EAM runs and monitor and control what employees do on the Internet and plays an important role in network management.