Data-LeakHow would you summarize the phenomenon of company data leaking?
When we talk about data leakage we must distinguish between two types: the first is caused by negligence on the part of employees (loss of devices) and the second is caused by data theft.
What are the causes that lead to companies losing information?
There is no doubt that the major cause of data loss today is negligence related to BYOD. Overall it can be said that the increasing trend toward BYOD (bring your own device) at work is endangering the company data. There are many reports that say, for example, the company Mozy and Compass Partners 2012 that I just read. The majority (87 percent), small and medium enterprises do not have a formal policy regarding the use of employees and their personal devices for work -., And 80 percent were not worried, even many companies (about 33 percent in the report cited above) let employees make their own decisions about how to back up the data of the company and customers on their devices, and most companies lack backup or plan of recovery for those devices. Besides not back up, employees are involved in other risky behaviors with their personal devices, such as having no antivirus protection, leaving only laptops in coffee shops and other public places, using public computers to access corporate networks and the transfer of unencrypted data. Trend of BYOD is not going away and so it is important that companies take steps to prevent data leakage. Do you recommend ? implement a security policy that protects enterprise data. We recommend copying the data in the cloud, and here there are many business solutions. Installing an antivirus and anti-theft application on mobile employees. install a backup application to mobile employees, you allows data backup and restore all the photos, emails, files, applications, call log and text messages. You can also lock and wipe the phone remotely if it is stolen, locate GPS and more via. Implement security measures on the part of employees, for example, require that everyone has an extra security key on your device to open the Phone or laptop. They are small things that can have great long-term significance. Awareness of computer security seems to have grown in recent years. Still, the malware has been increased. Are they propelling companies from good practice? still leaves much to be desired in the way that many companies, especially SMEs, manage the security of your data. You need information and awareness because many business executives think their company is too small to take action or that costs an arm and a leg, which is not true. companies are the targets for cybercriminals ? Companies are always going to be a target for cyberdelincuentes first because it can be a good deal and second because it can generate prestige and respect within the scope of the hackers. Depending on the degree of knowledge and organization of the hacker may be good business. For example, if it is an online store and the hacker knows through the infrastructure of the web page to access data from credit cards, it can be lucrative but most such attacks are carried out by organized gangs. However, many hackers working alone and only seek fame and recognition by showing that other hackers can hack a website of a company, organization or government.